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Donald Marshall (August 2013) - Do not place an ounce of trust in this man [Joe Rogan],... he is an Illuminati disinfo stooge. Joe Rogan: Stop worrying about ‘chemtrails’ while sewage is being dumped in the ocean

He said "forget about chemtrails, what about all the sewage being dumped into the sea... lol Sewage has been getting dumped into the sea since the onset of human life lol... I've seen him at cloning many times... he is a traitor to his country and species...

Maria LovesHumanity StandsagainstZionism - How much free will do these clones have Donald? Can they be called traitors if their souls have been snatched, and they have to do acts of violence to survive?? the game set and rules must change in cloning centres some what.

Donald Marshall - it's complicated. long story, and different rules for different people there,... some are slavers some are enslaved, some are in the middle somewhere and try to never talk, just sit in the stands and zone out until they wake up again lol.


Donald Marshall (June 2014) - I have seen Joe Rogan at cloning. He is an illuminati member.


Lucy El-Khoury (October 2013) - I'm sure not everything but he [Russel Brand] always talks about the government & how brainwashed we are.. I guess it's kinda cool how he at least tries putting information out there despite whatever else he is hiding but most celebs would never do that

Donald Marshall - They let him do that, it's part of his gimmick... Joe Rogan went that way too... but he's an Illuminasty member as well...


Joe Rogan (Thur. January 19, 2017) - Hey @LeahRemini, let’s do a podcast.

Katja Maria - You should do one with @dmarshalltruth

Donald Marshall - joe Rogan can’t as Joe Rogan knows I want him dead.

joe Rogan punched my head in at cloning for ten minutes straight made me wish i had never been born.

when i achieve a margin of authority Joe Rogan will be put to death.

Joe Rogan is afraid of me for good reason. He thought id be dead by now... However I’m not going to die.

I haven’t forgotten you Joe Rogan. 😊

pray I die,  and even if I do the angry populace will bring justice upon you for me.  👍

Darrin Chase - justice for what?

Donald Marshall - justice for the wrongs he has inflicted upon me.

SjS - The fact Joe punched your head in for 10min straight tells me he ain’t that afraid of you Donny

Donald Marshall - was probably more like 5 minutes, and yes he and many are scared now.  Felt like ten minutes.  Was a long time.

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  1. Esther Saturday 30th July 2016.
    David Icke has been writing books and talking on his subject for almost 30 years,
    how long has he been an Illuminati member for?


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