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John Lennon

Donald Marshall - do you want to know why john lennon was shot by that guy

whats his name not important anywayz in a nutshell john lennon was a closet fag and a rotten disgusting bastard he had that arab guy cloned and fagged out on him nighgly poor arab thought it was just another dimension didnt know what a clone was like tila SO :) i like this part k guy said i dont listen to your music im not gay tried to fight but lennon the fairy had had him pre druggex drugged before activation in rem stage of sleep so yup my faaavorite part yoko ono there theyre beatin him up hurtin him torturing him trying to get him to be gay there and say he loved lennon and stuff its a power thing to them cuz in real life theyre both MEEK weaklings in real life they need the self confidence boost or zomething in that loser way that your thinking about this went on for quite some time ready best part :) guy was CERTAIN IT WAS john ,ennon.... so went up to him on the street POP!!! :o lol :)

i love that story oh but guess what the whole damn world crked for that scummy bastard people have this heathen filths picture all over lol

John Lennon was one of those fake truther guys. he was a real scumbag. Queen Elizabeth liked em,... musically I thought they sucked lol... Rolling Stones were way better. But they're scumbags too lol.

Beatles weren't really like rock n roll... they were like folk music or somethin... I just can't really rock out to Yellow submarine... sounds too kindergarden to me.

They already cloned John Lennon. He is not what everyone thinks he is...

The illuminati were going to try to pull a scheme and tell people that he's remade from Jesus's DNA but decided not to thinking it would infuriate people. John Lennon was as nice as Elizabeth is...


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    1. I'd like to know too. Mark David Chapman wasn't Arabic

  2. take lsd and listen to the beatles.


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