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John Travolta

Donald Marshall (July 2012) - Jett [Travolta] was killed because he was slightly mentally disabled and John [Travolta] was embarrassed of him, Phil Reece mentioned to him as clones that his death would go along with some ritual about sacrificing your son to lucifer/satan, and it's supposed to give you greater fortune in life, like luck, So they took him on a nice vacation somewhere and made him have an aneurysm from the cloning center...

Graeme Truther (Tues. March 19, 2013) - Could these old photos lend credence to the claim that some celebs these days are clones? The picture on the left was taken in 1870. The picture on the right was taken in 1860. I am now forced to conclude that Nicolas Cage and John Travolta are vampires. 

Donald Marshall - clones of famous people from the past... replication cloning though (from a baby up) it's been overdone.

Celine O'carroll (August 2013) - recent scientology gala...c.c. written everywhere...supposedly standing for celebrity centre...wondering is it a hint about the cloning centres........

Donald Marshall - Hint at Cloning centers.

Donald Marshall (May 2012) - 2 travoltas.... One is nerdy enough.... did you know he flew his son Jett into the ground?. hes rotten.........offering to the dark one......for luck in his shitty life........... I got them mk'ing the shit outta him now :) for that... I liked his Jett............didnt fly very fast but it was nice

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