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JonBenét Ramsey

Donald Marshall (July 2012) - Long story made short, she [JonBenét Ramsey] was a mini sex slave at the Cloning center,... her father wanted to molest her in real life,... they quizzed her there asking if she would tell, she said no, he tried to mess with her in real life, she said no gross and was going to tell anyone she could, they had her killed, this has happened so many times to kids, just got a lot of attention from media cuz she was in pageants and on tv... Oprah Dr Phil and the celebs all knew, it was discussed at the CC much... I watched the bs interview on Oprah years ago, it was sick,... they each knew exactly what had happened to her and were like playing a game on the Oprah show.. the mother knew too... they all knew.


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