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Jordan Maxwell & Alex Jones: Aliens In Human Bodies

Jordan Maxwell teaching you things "they" don't want you to know! Break free from the slavery!

@ 46:18 - 48:07 Jordan Maxwell - Now if you remember that the Apostle Paul said in in in Christian scripture that some have ??? to be...He said “I’ll always be hospitable to all men for some have entertained angels unaware.” So the implication both in Judaism and Christianity is that that God God the Creator looks like us. He said “come let us make man in OUR image, after our likings.” Therefore it’s very possible that what we are seeing as world leaders are in point of fact, not human. They look like us and of course in Hollywood, we got all these movies for years ??? All these aliens and demons and and and off-world entities but they look human, they look like us. And the Apostle Paul did say that some have entertained angels...unaware. *Alex Jones plays his video They Live Trailer 2014 while Jordan continues talking* So what is the implications? It’s very simple. We may be right now (the human race) may be in the clutches of entities who look-like human but this would explain why there is no compassion for humans whatsoever. They don’t care about killing: people, babies, children, burning and destroying because in point of fact and my opinion, they are not fully human. It’s an incredible story but it’s right there in the bible and in in the Hindu. All of the religions of the world talk about the aliens who came here who look-like humans and made us. It’s an extraordinary story. You better go back and start doing your homework on what the bible ???

Alex Jones - Well this is what the elite believe. Why do you think John Carpenter made a movie about it? Uh or or or all these ancient cultures? The Bodysnatchers. All of it. Regardless, this is what the elite believe, so that’s why it’s important for us to look at it.

Jordan Maxwell - That’s exactly right, no doubt about it.

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