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Julia Roberts

Donald Marshall (June 2014) - [Julia Roberts] Attends cloning a lot. Has bothered me a lot.

Tricia Mills Baehr - I can hear her now in her fake southern drawl, "They'll never believe you Donny, I'm America's sweetheart!" Ugh!

Donald Marshall - A few have said that very same thing.


Celine O'carroll (September 2014) - question in forum.......

I'd like to know what really happened with Julia Robert's sister's death. I don't really believe she killed herself, seems staged somehow. also what really happened to little UK girl Madeline MacCann. if they ever talked about it at the cc.

Donald Marshall - Julia Roberts is a rotten thing. Had tried to start a trend years ago by not wearing deodorant or antiperspirant. Smelliest cover girl of them all. Her newest problem is the development of a mole under her eye. Unknown about her sister. The little girl had sparked interest with the illuminati and vrill because she had a unique eye coloration in one eye that looked a little slitted like a lizards would be. She was probably lizard food.


Šubic Jana (July 2013) - ????

Donald Marshall - she gotta cause a stir,... all eyes on you Julia. attention attention lol


Donald Marshall (Tue. November 20, 2012) - Mel [Gibson] and Julia both know about cloning n vrill lizards... both illuminuts.

Carrie Stevenson - You would think they would go crazy knowing that stuff surely?

Donald Marshall - they do, they self medicate, they both hope I'll succeed so they wont have to attend the cloning center again

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  1. AnonymousJune 07, 2017

    I am not surprised,(at all),about Julia. Can you please tell me about her brother,Eric Anthony Roberts? Does he attend as well/or is he even aware of what is happening? He once stated that he heard about this pedophile ring and "how he wanted to rescue the children"..What are your thoughts? I'd love to know,I like him as an actor,but if he's somehow involved too,I'll boycott his flicks! Thank you both so much in advance.
    Much love,Danielle.


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