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Julian Assange

Kat Kanning (Mon. June 17, 2013) - I always thought Julian Assange was a fake. Why do they invent whistlebowers for their own stuff?

Donald Marshall - to make people hear half the story and cause them to be convinced the problem is quashed, the public is happy and the half the Illuminati doesn't want you to know is never revealed. Public satisfied. no need to reveal all then,... the whistleblower is appreciated and respected as a hero. No one thinks the "whistleblower" is withholding anything else.

Vince Marra - so assange is an illumanist asshole too donald?

Donald Marshall - Unknown about him, saw him at cloning a long time ago, but he could have been impersonated I guess. Thing is, he revealed what the Illuminati "wanted" revealed. Part of a grand plan. All to undermine America in some way. Thing is, if they didn't want Assange to talk, he wouldn't have... They didn't want Glen Beck to talk... he conveniently lost his voice.


Isaac Fulmore (Mon. September 2, 2013) -  Do you think Julian Assange is a good person?

Donald Marshall - I think Assange is controlled opposition, and I support a worldwide "Beiber Boycott",... and Justin Timberlake too. lol


Donald Marshall (August 2014) - Julian Assange is hiding out in an embassy in Ecuador and is having heart problems now.

Say clone fool.

Fredrik Beckman - why they want to get him? isnt he Down with them?

Donald Marshall - He has been at cloning, saw him there a while ago. He is part of a staged plan.


Wind Walker (January 2013) 

[Chinese Mafia destroy Illuminati - Interview with D. Rockefeller - Benjamin Fulford]

Donald Marshall - Fulford is down with them.

Wind Walker - He is most certrainly . So is David Wilcox , Julian Assange , Alex Jones , David Icke ( son of a rabbi ) . They are all half breeds .

Donald Marshall - All complicit, they all know about me, cloning and Vrill. Met a few of them at the cloning center before.

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