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Justin Timberlake's & Jay-Z's Message To Don

[pic on the left - Justin Timberlake]

Donald Marshall - Justin Timberlake... Nah I got dis JT you lil fruit.  My way or the highway. 

Ascending Pleiadian - Is JT ?... He really posted that pic to you ?

Donald Marshall - no, he posted it last night to a guy that was doing Saturday night live. But it's to me...

Dusty Fehr - where was he when this was taken? looks foreign.

Donald Marshall - Russia, he's doing concerts there.

Ascending Pleiadian - Is he " warning " u ? A threat ?

Donald Marshall - basically telling me go with the flow or things are going to get messed up.

[pic on the right - Jay-Z]

Donald Marshall - if I do go back I think an asteroid will hit the eastern seaboard.... so ill stay. I'm messing up their plans just by being in the US the illuminati want me to go back to Canada nowwww... because something really bad is about to happen. turns out the illuminati dont want me dead. or around the madness that occurs in the us Jay- Z was just putting out some advertisement,... it was on youtube,... he talked this and that,.. but on his grey shirt was the letters in black saying' GO HOME' . and yes........ it was to me. it was recent, im not finding the vid... but yeah... something bad supposed to be happening right now,... I think I'm causing a delay in their plan by being down here... basically.

Astral Light - this is the vid w/ Jay-Z wearing that Go Home shirt. 

Jay-Z "Magna Carta Holy Grail" Samsung Commercial (Official)

Donald Marshall - Yeah, they're kinda demanding I return to Halifax Nova Scotia Canada cuz soethin really really bad is about to happen in the States here... So I'm going to stay in hopes it keeps the illuminasty from springin zombie virus er some shit... capiche? you American's are IN some shit,... you dont even know,...

Michael Taylor - I've been told during meditation china is going to EMP the states and use the solar flare as an excuse

Donald Marshall - Something like that yep. It's so bad..


  1. No, some of us know and are working behind the scenes to effect positive change....even moving asteroids into harmless paths away from earth. The damn things are being hurled at us. The last one was supposed to hit the east coast...specifically nyc.

  2. Do you know what the horrible thing they're planning for the U.S. is?

  3. AnonymousMay 07, 2016

    Cloning is it true?


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