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Kara Lynn Womack

Donald Marshall (August 2012) - Kara Lynn Womack, cousin to country singer Leanne Womack joined my friends list and seemed curious about cloning and the NWO/Illuminati's activities,... asking me to ask them to clone her and she could stand in my place at the cloning center for their clone torture rituals they are killing me with... sounded sincere, I said I'd never ask anyone to do that... and there would be no point to clone torture her as they torture me for songs and ideas and just for revengefor revealing cloning and Vrill lizards... she said she wanted to take some of the pain for me in the (R.E.M driven mark 2 cloning center) 2 nights ago I go to sleep and of course open my eyes in the center dirt of the arena there and she is tied to a rack and is about to be "tortured"... I knew something wasnt right as it normally takes 5 months to grow a duplicate of someone to run around in during rem sleep phase... I was somewhat drugged and couldnt move well, sitting in the dirt and some guy brought out a knife and started cutting her clone, but I knew it was faked and she had her pain receptors numbed because she tried to scream "cool" and no one does when being tortured like that, you scream like a retarded squirrel, very embarrassing but can't control the sounds... I laughed... she was not the best actor... then they let her off the rack and bleeding she was talking to me, said she'd been brought there and was memory suppressed and was just trying to help... Now everyone is alittle dumber as a clone, a side effect no one is immune to, also when memory suppressed you are more uncoordinated bodily, cant fight well, can't dance... she did not know this,... I askedhertodo this and that, dancing stuff a spin and tadaaa, she copied me perfectly, as I'm not memory suppressed I can move fine. I knew then that she was not memory suppressed... they talked to me more Elizabeth Phil Reece and others... then next day woke and remembered like the previous days events cont'd-. .The next day I was looking forward to hearing from her as I knew then that she knew all about it and she messaged me this............ 

Kara Lynn Womack - Hey donald so did they respond to any of what we talked about?

Donald Marshall - Very funny

Kara Lynn Womack - Tell them I can be a pretty good comedic relief. Plus my ex used to tell me I would do good in either horror or comedy if I ever did movies.

Donald Marshall - Your there...youve been there mmany times... You have other family members there... You remember...

Kara Lynn Womack - Is that what they said?

Donald Marshall - No thats what you said to me as a clone other night... I know yer not memory suppressed. Tell people about it...

Not even gonna attempt to deny it? then she deleted her account,... and I guess she reactivated it later somehow but I am blocked... So I told people in threads about it, and they said they thought she sounded a little strange about it... and I was expecting her to attack me there or something for telling about her being complicite with them the next time I was there... well last night I went to sleep... and I opened my eyes there... The woman was sitting on my junk ridin hard (sorry to sound vulgar) but she was and I was rendered immobile, junk erect and she was just staring at me oh oh oh,... I dont even know this pig faced bitch... anyway I said get the hell off me bitch she ignored me... then I noticed I could move my arm a little bit and they had released me from being immobile with the push of a remote controlled button (they can paralyze you with a button and I sat up as fast as I could and planted my forehead right into her nose as hard as I could... she fell backwards YERG! and held her hands to her face bleeding from both nostrils. Then I started to get up and fell back to the floor immobilized again and she stalked over again and sat back on my junk smiling bleeding, she wasnt hurt her pain receptors were off, (another tech they do) makes you as numb as a quadrepelegic paralyzed person, but you can still move... she started riding again and she is big,... and was just smiling,... then like some kind of monster bent low to my face I could not move and she bit down on my cheek,... now there are a lot of nerves in a human face and I screamed... and she unbit and bit a different spot of my face... and I continually screamed it was excruciating, and she did it slowly like she was french kising me but with bites... didnt tear chunks off didnt swallow just bit and bit and bit... after a while of this (which was in a room off the concourse of the place) A guy that I dont recognize came into the room and said "ok thats enough of that Kara" and put his hand on her shoulder to pull her off of me and she like snarled at him like an angry dog... he just looked at her and she calmed looked worried and got up and started walking out I was delirius with pain and could barely see from blood in my eyes, and she was saying but look what he did to me and he said yer pain sensors are off, he did say get off him... she looked back and said but I love him... Turns out she has been watching me from the stands there while im tortured and making songs and stuff for years, she was a sex slave there since childhood I found out later and knows all about cloning, everything went black... then opened my eyes disoriented and was in a fresh clone...(they have many bodies of me) and was back out in the center arena again... she was seated behind the hockey boards in the first row of the stands... I fell to the dirt holding my face which was whole again because of what they call a pain echo... you feel it again the memory of the previous clones pain, then it fades then 10 seconds l you miserable fat pig faced bitch what the hell did you do that for, she said because you headbutted me and you think I'm ugly, I said I only said get the hell off of me but you are kinda ugly, you have the biggest head I have ever seen on a woman and you kind of resemble a pig without the snout... I'm telling everyone about this, She said good I dont care they wont believe you anyway... I said why would you do that retard? she said because I'm satanic and I wanted to torture you as Im in love with you but you wouldnt want me because I'm fat and not pretty enough...ater you feel it again less then again then again till its gone... so I stood up...and said I said well I think I know whats going on here,... as Ive seen this type of situation there before, I said you were a sex slave (priviledged and not harmed) since childhood but now that you all grown up and yer fugly the celebs dont pay any attention to you... but they keep you around for when you have children so they can start on them and you'll sell out yer kids like the rest do for benefits... your trying to get into the "spotlight" to show off for the celebrities here and victimize a defenceless person just because you can, because your pissed that your fugly and get no attention now and want to take out your frustrations on someone... very common thing with fat and ugly pigs like you... fugly girls go evil easy... she was getting pissed off but I didnt care either she was going to do something painful to me or someone else was... SO She said yeah but people like seeing you get hurt (smiling) and some guy in the crowd said yeah but that was too gross that was gross the sexy bitin shit (they were watching live video feed of the room from the main arena on bigscreen) and she said I want to get him again he called me pig face said I look like a pig,... and the black guy that was just talking said YOU DO looklike a pig though, and I laughed and said I knowww huh? she looks like a cartoon of a pig, resembles a pig more than anyone I've ever met before lol And she seethed in anger chenching her large jaw... she said I demand right of vengeance for the insults,... the black guy said what on me? and just looked at her and she looked worried and scared for a second and looked to her feet and said no I meant on him,... Elizabeth then said Oh Kara we think you've dont quite enough... Kara went silent. lookinhg enraged and staring at the rim of the hockey boards... I said people gonna hate you piggy... and in the future if I survive and the world starts cleaning up, I'mm be gettin rights of vengeance... she looked at Elizabeth and said he's gonna ruin my life... Elizabeth said oh his rabble of followers who cares Kara who cares... Kara looked angry... THEN Elizabeth started talking saying to include any more info about chips in the head that allow them to cheat death, as the Chinese have done this a lot and there are undead chip headed people all over the place same as theres drones all over too... I said I'll tell all,... KARA then piped in I'll torture him Elizabeth, let me do it, I can get him better than Phil can... Elizabeth then said ok Kara that is enough... and Kara looked angry... THEN Elizabeth said Don we will exterminate Vrill and kill off drones in the fema camps we will shut down the cloning centers you will be freed why tell all, you could inadvertently start a panic spiraling out of control causing the loss of social order and the and of the world somehow,... THEN KARA piped in again,... He's the antichrist and he's looking to end the world we should kill him dead so he cant do any more damage, and torture the shit out of him too he's the fucking antichrist,... Elizabeth looked over growing annoyed with her and said well Kara aren't you satanic? Satanic people are supposed to LIKE the antichrist you know... she looked puzzled, I don't think she's very smart and looked at me with such hatred and said because I hate him I want him dead... and he look was really something,.. very evil looking and I couldnt believe she had such a hatred for me,... I dont know her at all...she ground her teeth together noticably side to side I'm guessing referring to her biting me before... I said yer a retard piggy,... yer just mad cuz you dont get no attention anymore no boom boom right? Its cuz yer not a cute kid anymore yer a fat bitch built like a jello tank and you resemble a pig (that seems to really affect her) Leanne Womack was there too and said Kara honey you need to stop... THEN Kara said yeah but your allowed to talk your famous here why cant I be too, I always sit here cant say anything I wanna be famous too, SO trying to get back at her and since I couldnt hurt her I thought I'd try to hurt feelings,... said Um piggy ya got no skills,... Leanne sings and does a lil dancin,... do you sing? do you dance? do you think up anything worthwhile? do you have a gimmick? Cuz yer not a sex slave anymore as they dont wanna bang ya now... whatcha got what? she said nothing I said OK KARA!!! Spotlight is yours,... all eyes on you, no one else talk Kara wants to entertain,... Ok Kara, this is what you wanted... go....... she said nothing looked around confused looking and didnt know what to say... I said ya see? Ya got nothin. And Kara started crying and said I dont want to come here anymore, through sobs... I said well yer stuck here I think, they wanna see if ya have cute kids so they can use em and continue the cycle... they might let ya leave though yer no good for nothing and I don't think they wanna use ya for ass anymore, whatcha think Elizabeth let this little fishy go? Kara said through clenched teeth "I hate you" like whispered it... and I said "not as much as I hate you piggy, you'll see someday cuz with any luck we will meet in future after this is cleaned up and I will be punching the shit outta you like yer a man, kinda look like a man anyway,... Im hoping people dont think less of me for it I dont think they'll care... and I laughed... Kara started having some kind of breakdown and looking around confused panicking like she was embarrassed everyone was looking at her, and seeing the effect it was having on her I laughed harder and pointed at her, trying to drive the retard over the edge as I hate her with a passion now... she was mouthing incoherant words and looking side to side like some kinda mental case and yelled and scrambled her fat ass over the hockey boards and fell in the dirt, heaved her bulk up to her feet and started charging, Elizabeth said Oh tuhn huh uff (turn her off) and the guy running the buttons pressed her deactivation button and she dropped limp and hit the dirt face first and slip for a couple seconds through the dirt before coming to a stop... I was feeling happy that I had affected her adversely and yelled OH THAT was sweet Elizabeth, the whole skid thrpough the dirt thing, That was like I shot a charging water buffalo with a tranquilizer gun,... hahahaha Leanne Womack then said Donny why did you do that to her, she loves you... I said shut the hell up you retarded whore... I hadnt seen leanne in over a decade... since I'd made a few songs for her... she just shut up... 

Elizabeth then said Dun whut ah yuh plans Dun? What are you going to tell people Dun? I said the truth, I'm not "sugarcoating" as you've asked and I'm not discluding stuff,... I'm goin for a clean sweep... you must be stopped and I guess I'm the only one here that can possibly survive talking about this... I said your over with eventually, even if I die now the info IS forever in text, thousands have it copied and pasted and are showing friends and family and the muslims love me... you will be stopped and I really hope your not gonna let your chinese faction drop a nue on london... some guy said Don dont start talkin about the chinese man... I said why not, if I can help avert a friggin nuclear attack I will do that... I dont want that to happen it will be the start to the enda the world... then a Chinese guy spoke up...He said, you going to destroy China's world when you tell about China droning more than any other country and chipping heads with dead consciousness of chinese... world will hate and shun China,... we cant let you do that, and Elizabeth said I will die either way Dun what do I care you've destroyed me, my crown is eventually forfiet, you have ruined us all and possibly set into effect a chain reaction of events that will cause the end of days,... you could very well be the antichrist... I said nope I'm just a good guy... I gotta stop the madness and will save many lives with what I'm doing. You must be removed from power... and government heads need to be replaced,... you know the primary goals of my mission and the secondary, stupid of you to ask what I'm going to do, you know exactly what I'm doing and what I'm going to do,... she said ah you cooling me stupid and looked at me nasty I said sarcastically OH NO the queen is insulted, the child eating murderous hag is going to get me now for insulting her oh my oh dear, well its just another day different excuse putrid hag come get some lets do dis and put my fists up like I would box her... smiling... I always assume I'm going to be hurt somehow anyway so I smash first when I can...she was like 30 feet away sitting front row at the end of the oval in the center Phillip and Charles with her, and said nothing but looked at Phillip as if to say he's crazy but said nothing and looked back to me,... I said ok retard what now? ya gonna kill me yer Magotsy? your worship your highness? Your not supposed to hurt the court jester or the royal minstrel and I'm both "AH GOT TWO JOBS BIOTCH!!!" and laughed,... she's used to me talking to her this way and started chuckling herself others did too, so I said ok seriously what the fuck are you retards thinkin of doing? yer gonna destroy the earth to cover up yer tracks? Kill everyone and maybe you and yer favorites can like in fallout shelters eatin canned peaches and watching re runs of Seinfeld what WHAT? what you gonna do? The lump that is Kara Lynn Womack was still in the dirt and I went over and sat on her back LMAO like she was a chair very plainly and with a straight trying to entertain myself and look unaffected, maybe I could just occupy them with talk and I wouldn't be tortured anymore until I could finally wake up again and my clone go limp... She said yuh crazy Dun yuh a mad mun, I said um hello I dont eat roasted children and feed them to Vrill lizards and all the whack shit u retards do,... see when I speak to them like this Ive found it sets them back, as no one in the world besides Philip the Duke of diddling speaks to her in a harsh tone... and sometimes they are like... mezmerized and time can pass with just occupying their minds with words and idle conversation,... how I hate them...So sitting on Kara's back they talked about what could happen what may happen,... said maybe nuke from China maybe they announce to the world that I've forced them to shut down the illuminati and they say tell about the songs and cloning vrill and drones and start rounding up drones who will go willingly to their deaths... I said thats what I want to happen, then she said youll be so famous Dun, and with compensation and suing musicians and hollywood you should be very rich, what will you buy first Dun? But weve already talked that one to death too...So I said I already told topic,... PHIL REECE then said he has people friending me on facebook, and some of them are sending me messages,... I've recieved death threats, I want to get em for that and started to get up,... he was in front row too but they all said nah nah all at the same time, as that idiot will attack for any excuse,... anything to be seen and heard... so everyone basically told him to give it a rest, He saying "he's gonna ruin my life" I said no I'm going to TAKE your life... someday and the public will allow me to...I'm going to request to be allowed to make public executions on some of you,... and after saving the world from cloning Vrill and head chipped undead retards I think they'll let me,... no torturing but you know, smash yer head in with a pipe or something one mighty smash :) I shouldnt insult actul pigs like that Eraldo your right,... and yeah theyre out of material to talk about and they've killed me in so many different ways now its just monotonous, and yeah Kara was just looking for attetion, And how does this help me? It discourages people from doing anything to me, celebs stopped attacking me because I started documenting daily who was doing what to me,... celebs stay seated now and let Elizabeth or Phil Reese do it now, and I have to do something cant just go daily and get tortured on display and say ok see ya tomorrow night,... people asked to know about the events at the cloning center the depravity and the goings ons there and how it goes from talk to torture and stuff, see what theyre saying China has droned more humans with Vrill lizards than any other countries combined,... and they put the recorded consciousnesses of dead chinese into victims skulls more than anone else too effectively bodysnatching people... and they love cloning because they clone white children and men and women to use as sex slaves, they don't want to stop AND they really don't want to be found out... NOW onto the imminent danger and how it could be too late

[Kara Lynn Womack's Facebook:]

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  1. This is rich. You can never predict where a thread on Don's proboards will take you. So sorry Don had to experience this revolting act with this Kara Lynn Womack, but the net-net outcome of the night sounds somewhat satisfying. Best of all is this link to her Facebook page and the fact that if you google her name, the third hit takes you right back here. She did a dumb dumb thing.


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