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Donald Marshall (July 2012) - Kardashians go there, sex slaves for fame and advertisement and to get on talk shows,... theyre a buncha filthy pigs,... banging anyone out in the dirt arena just to be seen by the rest doing someething,... guess they were already rich... I dunno theyre gross...very gross...


Donald Marshall (Thur. December 12, 2013) - Kardashian whores bothering me at cloning last night with the prompting of Elizabeth, turns out one of the younger piggie Kardashians wants to be a singer/"songwriter" and they were demanding I make songs for her and then Kanye West and others jumping up saying they want new songs too, and how terrible I am that I won't supply them all with songs, then when I refused and said I hope the public burn you retards alive. The young Kardashian came over and started slicing up and down my clones torso with a knife, while putting on her best evil torturer face, they all just sat and watched. Elizabeth say's she will never lose power, and the Kardashians say no one is ever going to prosecute a Kardashian, they said they are above the law. Said I am a slave and the sooner I realise and accept that the better off I will be. I can't wait to stab those whores.  :)

Funny thing is, the Kardashians do not look that good, without studio make up they look pretty plain, none of them have any talents or skills whatsoever, can't sing act nothing... their MAIN claim to fame is bending over at cloning for extremely old rich scumbags... they're what you call assembly line whores, ugly fat senior citizens have sex with them nightly,... its so overdone, they dont even look at the scumbags, they just bend over, right in front of everyone else in the arena... it's pretty gross... they don't turn any rich old people away lol This is how they get promoted and advertised and get given spots on David Letterman talking about nothing.... you'd have to see it... the Kardashians REALLY do not want that known... ah well too late lol.

Nick Spinner - what is preventing these whores from writing their own music? Shit, Id probably listen to a kardashian song if it was about how they really are. "yeah, Im kardashian, cant wait to get totally wasted from a grand's worth of liquor and crash again, wake up in my clone and slash Donald in his back again. Damn I wish I had a friend, or knew what one was. But I don't cuz Im just a grimey slimey slime cunt." with some nice la la la las in the background

Scott Koehrer - Record it just once- it's to save the world

Donald Marshall - They wouldnt let me make an ultra hinty song like that, they'd want a "love" song lol or a party song... if I made a song here n now, then went to cloning and said make this and re did it as clones, they just wouldnt use it.

they don't and can't make their own songs because they are unbelievably stupid... UNBELIEVABLY so... mentally incompetant stupid. It's hard to fully explain how dense they are actually.

Some of them are supposed to be remade dead women from the past,... there are a lot of remade dead people from the past... not all Ancient Egypt... they dug up all the scumbags they could find and started remaking people all over the place..

Scott Koehrer - Record it -just once- it's to save the world! DO something other than talk about it

Erica Mowen - Is that possible Donald, to record it without it being known?

Donald Marshall - no, they monitor all I do. I'm the Truman Show...

I ain't makin no songs... I don't know how many times I have to say it,... wouldn't make a difference.


Ashley Williamson (December 2013) - This is interesting, couldn't help but notice bruce jenner is in what looks like a cloning tube.

Kardashian Christmas Card. Illuminati Freemason Symbolism. The Mark of the Beast NWO.

Donald Marshall - Yup, those strange looking prostitutes are at cloning every day...

They were there before they knew him, they're not natural people, they're supposed to be remade dead freaks. Unknown from where, lotsa remade dead freaks from the past, lots.

Lotsa weird stuff out there. I say kill all the weird shit. 

Ain't even human, they're twisted primitive humans more prone to evil and murdering, I say burn em n watch em bubble.


Debbie Lawrence (December 2013) - 

Donald Marshall - The things retarded people purchase. lol even this ugly bag is a cowardly method of hinting...

Cindy Collins - Are they trying to expose?? Kim is really putting the bag out there for photos....

Donald Marshall - yep... to show the green headed guy. her getting punched in the face and the manufactured fake person behind her.

Lloyd Rice - Hello all, have a look at the brand name on the car luggage system in the back ground.


Donald Marshall - Thule... Good eye Lloyd. that was no accident.

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