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Donald Marshall (November 2012) - kesha is there... made most of her songs from the onset of her cheezy career,... and before she was even born her scummy parents used to kick me around the arena to make me think up original songs for THEM, they claimed credit for the ones I made and claim theyre creative songwriters...Evil to the core. very,... incestious pedophelic freaks.


Donald Marshall (Thur. December 13, 2012) - Kesha decided it was her turn to come out to bother nd hurt me last night... the Nazi bitch has beenthere since childhood, usedsongs fromme and her parents used to claim credit for many songs I made as a kid... same old thing, stab me while I'm in restraints wwhile yapping nonsense at me about nazi ideals and how I'm an idiot because I wont join them,... they dont WANT meto join them,... they just want someone to victimize. But they use that excuse, that I won't join the "cool" club with them, or make more songs and ideas for them... it's the moronic loser league.


Ryán Cráig (April 2013) - No surprise here, dirty little whore..

Kesha Admits She's a Satanist

Donald Marshall -Yep attends cloning, made almost all her songs. Her nazi parents claim to be great songwriters. But they never made any successful ones. Even before Kesha was born her parents were kicking me around the cloning center. Me a kid clone then. Make us a song little bastard or we will stab you again.

Sex slave as clones for fame fortune, promotion and endorsement , sometimes real body too. They are crude pig people.


Donald Marshall (Fri. May 31, 2013) - Kesha the singer. Her satanic nazi parents used to smash me around the arena at the cc to come up with songs. I was like 6-7.

Then had to come up with songs for their crusty daughter. First song Kesha made without me was "die young" and that didn't go over well with the school shootings that happened afterwards.


Donald Marshall (June 2013) - Kesha's parents too... kicking me around as a kid rem clone... to make them songs... then as an adult for their Nazi kid.


Ryan Sorokowsk (Wed. July 3, 2013) - kesha just posted this on facebook...

Donald Marshall - shes sayin hellllp. lol


Donald Marshall (Fri. August 23, 2013) - Kesha and her Nazi parents also "supposedly" phenominall songwriters ,... They write hit songs for everyone supposedly... LOL!


Donald Marshall (October 2014) - Kesha is different. Thing is I made all her starting songs and named her even because her name is supposed to be Keeshia... But there's a black girl that uses that name. Made her songs mostly too. But. The thing that I like Kesha for is that she used to be a fat girl. She slimmed down. There is a psychology involved. Kesha is smart. Not narcissistic and pitied me. Which I appreciate. She's just different than most of them at cloning.

Still used me though. But they're all looking to redeem themselves now.

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