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KISS & Gene Simmons

Whisperer (June 2015) - Hello Donald, I was wondering if any members of the rock group KISS ever attend the cloning center?

Donald Marshall - Yes. Gene Simmons is there all the time. Bothered me my entire life there.


Donald Marshall (Fri. August 21, 2015) - Funny... :).

He's been at cloning since I was a kid. His wife and kids have been there, met them many times as clones, I helped with ideas for his show and songs in the past. He's not the worst of them there but he's not the best. he is absolutely down with them. Has been for a long time. He is at cloning as is his wife and sometimes his 2 kids.

Karen Winrow - All these faked make me so sick....You think that someone you have known for years is for real, then you find out this shit, probably why he had a reality show....

Donald Marshall - Is why. I had to help with it. Even come up with the opening theme song.

Karen Winrow - I hope the shit ends soon....I cant believe your heart is still holding out after all of this, dont ever forget what happened to my twin, the heart can only physically take so much Don, I really hope that they are going easy on you these days,...doesnt sound like the same type of brutal action that used to happen so much....but still, you have to be so dang carefull,...<3

Donald Marshall - They stopped torturing me. I think because I woulda died.


Donald Marshall (October 2013) - 

Kiss Domino Lyrics

I did make Domino for these child molesters put hints in Kiss - Unholy cant remember something bout the vrill proboscis through the brain cant remember exact lyrics evil song i put as many hints in stuff that i could... to save you my fellow humans not trying to sound hero or mello dramatic...but that was my purpose since age 5... dedicated...then i learned they were fervently religious...fanatic and people were trying to rat time bounce dead... no rat...but...I might possibly have the protection of a prophecy to hide behind cant kill meeeee,,.....i made for you to warn you because they cover up everything so well and it was the only way i could wrn my humans fuck.... ooooooooooooooooooooooo im fuckin stressed...

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  1. Thank you for all that you donated. That God blesses you and protects you and takes out you always victorious of all these situations. Nobody knows better than us to what extent all that you say is important and all that you made the good. Your place is deserved well one day in the paradise.


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