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Knights Templar

Donald Marshall (Thur. July 4, 2013) - The Knights Templar were digging around the Holy land during the crusades, looking for Holy relics and were swarmed by vrill type 1's, many were killed or disabled and turned into vrill hosts, the hosts then infiltrated the leadership and made more hosts,... that's what vrill do.

This is why the Roman Catholic Church burned them, this is also why the Spanish inquisition happened, they called parasite hosts "demonic possession" This is also the reason many "witches and warlocks" were killed. Many innocents were killed as well, but many drones died. It is a very long story. goes way back.

The Templars WERE worshipping cats and doing ritual sacrifices, this was not a lie made up by the church to steal their money, Egypt worshipped cats too a little and I'll tell you why, sounds weird but, Vrill type 1's have sex with cat's, theyre about the right size and the cats don't judge them by appearance, cats are afraid of vrill instinctually knowing they are toxic poisonous and would not resist the advances of one. Eventually the cat would treat the vrill like a cat and love it just like it was another cat lol... its whack I know but true lol. Poor cats.

Vrill have droned cats too,... a parasite cat is very smart, smarter than a normal cat, and THIS is why the Church was also burning the Templars cats... they were hosts as well...

Dawn Hamm Hart - So would a cat act any different other than being very smart? I have 9 cats so I find this very interesting

Donald Marshall - smarter, much smarter.

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