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Lady Sovereign

Donald Marshall - Lady Sovereign, a "rap artist" from the UK I had to make songs for... WHATS UP WITH THAT FOCKING EYE LADY SOV???

At sheets gonna pop soon ya alien bosta'd. I did not photoshop those pics. That's just how this thing looks.

Ascending Pleiadian - i can't make out whats on the ring, anyone ?

Donald Marshall - S for sovereign That's one dead alien slut... XD!!! Or an undead alien slut. :)

Ascending Pleiadian - who is IN there ? lol

Donald Marshall - A vrill That eye gonna pop soon!

...Bangers and Mash... that's one of the favorite foods of this other wog talking wanker I used to have to make songs for at cloning... Lady Sovereign... a rapping parasite host... she likes Bangers and mash, which is small sausages and mashed potatoes.

Nick Murphy - I saw Lady Sovereign once.She was extremely unfortunate looking

Donald Marshall - she had to go on an Illuminati enforced diet,... the thing got kinda chubby... "bangers and mash"... she likes it a lot, fave food she sed...

made this for her, and a couple others. Her gimmick was her sideways pony tail... no one was doing that, and she was fine with that, LOL!!! because I've given some female musician's some whack haircut styles in the past, and told them it'd be coooool.... half of them were parasite hosts anyway... and did it not knowing it looked ridiculous... 

LOL [Harriet] Harman... She's supposed to be related to a UK rapper girl I made tunes for named "Lady Sovereign"


  1. Who would of EVER guessed haha .

  2. She sux her music sux her looks sux she sux retarded shit they throw at us.
    Hey Lizard fuckers...we dont care about your your shit fame...we like the noise you make when you burn and we love the noise you make when you stop burning!

  3. I wanna hear its head pop when i drive over it!


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