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Lake of Fire

Donald Marshall (October 2012) - they fear real God now.... recently said they realise their mistake... with prophecies and stuff... they said they didnt realize it but they are the fornicators mentioned in the Bible... and with all the metaphors in prophecies and stuff (there are a lot) they say they are afraid of actually going to whatever the lake of fire is... they fear the end of the world,... and Elizabeth fears a terrible end... sez her n Phillip get it bad... mentions them by name n everything... the great duke , even sez phillips name... and the harlot being Elizabeth,... her and her corrupted lords of filth and perversion n stuff... so NOW they wanna give up Vrill and come clean but they dont wanna get killed themselves... 


Donald Marshall (November 2012) - feels like Gods eye is directly on us, its reassuring. and the illuminati fear that seriously, not faking it either... they say theyre the fornicators in revelations and didnt realize it and they want me to save them from the lake of fire. most stuff in biblical prophecy aaand nostradamus prophecy is a metaphor for something else,... theyre not going to a lake of lave or anything,... it's something FAR worse,... the worst fate possible, and they want to join my side they said and find redemption and salvation from it.

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