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Lana Del Rey

Celine O'carroll (June 2014) - post by Liz Reynolds......

Donald Marshall - Yeah, she hates going to cloning. she'll feel better once we can get her a refund for her soul... :)

Celine O'carroll - hope she kept her receipt :)

Scarlet Vasconcelos - are they forced to go to cc?

Donald Marshall - I am the reciept. lol Or reimbursement coupon. :)

some are forced, some agree, but then regret it when they're not allowed out again.

Culmin CulminAction Matthewline - ''Dead already''?

Donald Marshall - yeah, she has seen a lot of evil stuff.


Alina Fischer (Thur. January 30, 2014)


Donald Marshall - wazzat I had to help her with a song called "Blue" her rendition of an old song. She has a unique voice. Had to help with the video for "Blue" too so I got them to add as much weird to it as they'd allow. There is even a representation of me in the video, encouraging her. lol

Er "Blue Velvet" was the song.

Lana Del Rey - Blue Velvet (Official Video)

Check that out... she was scared when this video was shot. she was surrounded by weirdo's and couldn't wait to finish and get out of there.

Alina Fischer - watching it right now...I always cant help but feel sorry for her, she looks so sad and lost most of the time, idk what she's really like though?

Donald Marshall - She's a traumatized hostage pretty much. Always acted scared when I saw her there. Mind you she will use songs made there and turn a dollar though.

Anette Bregi - Clones of Lana, hypnotism... She can't even sing that well. Great song. It's a remake, right?

Donald Marshall - remake yep.


Willow Bee (March 2014) - Ultraviolence ---> name of new album. Really, wow now this creeps me out ...Lana Del Rey and Dan Auerbach -- is that a masonic ring?

Celine O'carroll - cant make the detail on the ring out even when i enlarge the pic

Willow Bee - the body language is super gross, if Lana isn't a programmed slave, I don't know who is.

Donald Marshall - slave


Donald Marshall (Fri. March 14, 2014) - Lana Del ray is just some rich jews kid. most of your mainstream artists are rich jewish peoples kids using songs stabbedout of me from cloning.

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