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Lebron James

Donald Marshall (Thur. January 16, 2014) - Lebron James... I didn't know this loser played for Miami... maybe thats why he's bothering me at the cloning center. Since I live in Miami now... seems any excuse will do. Lebron James is one of the dumbest people I have ever met at the cloning center. He wants the cloning centers to stay running, doesn't want people to know about it or vrill or hosts or anything... he likes the place.

Talks in a deeper voice than he needs to... to look important at the CC or something... real slowwwwww.

Most at the CC are apprehensive to talk to me now as clones there. Not this dummy... he will come out and blah blah blah... like starved for attention or something...

Seth Frost You - live in Miami and didn't know he played there? There is billboards of the dude, literally impossible not to know that... c'mon man.

Donald Marshall - I don't watch basketball or sports anymore. Barely watch TV at all...used to watch football a lot, now I couldn't tell you the name of one person on the Miami Dolphins... I just don't watch it, haven't for years.


Bud64 (Tue. September 30, 2014): So what exactly is going on with LeBron James' hairline?

Now you see hair ... now u don't..... any mail on this dude Don ?

Donald Marshall - He's at cloning too. He's really sensitive about his hair lol. It's why he wears the headband all the time.

Hair club for men? Or taking pictures as clones with a full head of hair.

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