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Lindsay Lohan

David Weir (December 2013)

Donald Marshall - Throwin up the triangle... lol... Lindsay Lohan is comical... C class celeb, but think's she's "A" she was in the new Herbie the love bug movie, and a couple other kid films... I made her a few songs and she went all drunken crackhead... I don't know why she's always in the news... she was in Herbie and she's a drunken crackhead, attends the cloning center and is a piggish sex slave willing and complaining that she's not famous enough all the while.


Donald Marshall (October 2013) - Illuminasty tattoo. Lindsay Lohan alters an old tattoo and offers fans a glimpse of the new inking centered on 'love, truth and power' 

Priyanjali Patil - poor thing probably has a very fragmented mind, MPD. 
look at bynes, spears and shit, thats no coincidence.

Donald Marshall - same deal.

Priyanjali Patil - not cloning though? just pure MK?

Donald Marshall - mk WITH cloning. she looks different now.

check out her other tats


Donald Marshall (October 2013) - Lindsay Lohan's other tattoo... triangle with "What dreams may come" under it.  :) oh how hinty. lol 

looks like "what dreams may CLONE"  :)

Hippie Lovegods - man...i have seen soon very well done tats...and that's not one of them...looks more like a "brand" than art, am i right here ?

Donald Marshall - looks like a jailhouse tat.

Hippie Lovegods - come on illuminati...get the girl tatted up know the Brand Image thang....hello...@!@

Donald Marshall - getting this tattoo would have been juuust the same thing.


Ascending Pleiadian (June 2014) - Can you shed any info on the so called Lindsay Lohans miscarriage ??

Donald Marshall - nope

Kyle Haran Ramirez - I would say ol Linds sacrificed it to daddy Lucifer no??? Miscarriage is a cop out for these celebs....

Donald Marshall - unknown.


Jana Vera Greasley (August 2013) - Have you got any juicy stuff on Lindsay Lohan ?

Donald Marshall - who cares bout Lindsay Lohan,... theres more important things.

each time I mention one of these scumbags they come out of the crowd that night or the next night saying they have the right to stab me so,... let's just say Lindsay Miley, britney Paris jackson, Selena and the rest are just the most absolutely disgusting gutter trollops you have ever heard of in the history of the world. Assembly line prostitutes really as clones... and in real sometimes... they don't mind because they recieve benefits.

they're just super gross... all of those types thoght it was "cool" to getb piggish there so they all tried to out whore each other lol it is very disgusting out there... beyond disgusting.

junkie extreme.

nah it's public even,... lol and shes making her own songs these days lol talkin about doing lines of coke in the bathroom...

they're all drunks n junkies to one extent or another.

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