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Liv Tyler

Lina Seeka (October 2013?) - is liv tyler a cu*t donny. ?

Donald Marshall - Shes a used piggy clone...  :) They stopped bringing her everynight when she gained a bunch of weight lol, probably WHY she gained a bunch of weight...

Liv acted afraid of the place when I saw her at cloning... she doesnt get hurt or anything. Just the atmosphere I guess...

Eric Pete - Couldnt they have a clone of her(Liv) thats not fat?? Its her real body that grew the weight. With that type of tech, shouldnt be a problem making a 20 year old clone of her, eh???..Donald Marshall??

Donald Marshall - yeah they can do that, but it makes you more confused dizzy and psychotic as a clone when they do that.

they just dont want to embarrass themselves worse in front of everyone... for instance, if they made a Liv Tyler at her best,... however many years ago,... and activated her consciousness into it, she will talk even dumber and possibly fall to the ground crying shit herself and then start eating the shit like a chocolate bar... clones are loopy enough but alternate body makes it worse.

Eric Pete - She'd be so emotional, she'd start eating doo-doo cakes!!..lols...

Lina Seeka - so sad  :(

Donald Marshall - yep, revert to retarded cave man.

bad enough as clones , but a different body is 10 times worse... has to be recent of you for some reason. to be as normal as possible.

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