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Lizard Gods

Giggi Nes (May 2013) - thank you don, it took a while... sjassji

Donald Marshall - sjassji tell people what sjassji is. or I will Ok... sjassji is the name of a high ranking Vrill host. (Zassgee) Beat it leezard.

Pete Svzvki - How does Giggi know this?

Donald Marshall - I dunno, probably a vrill, new account just joined... added me. I've heard the name at the cc.

Michael Taylor - I've heard that sjassji name before, it's a reptilian god it's the head of a fake group i can't remember the name of the group, their plan was to trick people into thinking they'd save us when the world was going to end so people would board there craft

I'll find the group name and post it on here

Donald Marshall - They have a bunch of lizard gods,... Head being Azazel the lizard god from an ancient religion called the Gerber religion.

They even put Azazel in a recent video game as an end boss... game is called Tekken 6. They modeled a character in the game after me... his name is Jin Kazama.

Michael Taylor - That's something to look into thanks donald , I've also heard a reptilian being know as Pindar is the all seeing eye, he's at the top of the pyramid he can time travel and cross between dimensions that's why he's called the all seeing eye, cause he can go into the future and the past he was the head of the Montuak project at camp hero

Donald Marshall - Yeah Pindar and Cyrax are supposed to be high ups. They used the name Cyrax in the game Mortal Kombat... lol They put the stuff in everything.

Michael Taylor - So they put clues in everything as a way of mocking us, thinking they're superior and we're to dumb to figure things out, didn't they realise there's a select few like my self who's brains are wired different that soak up and analyse all this stuff in seconds

Donald Marshall - Vrill and hosts and the prime evils do it to mock... others do it to try to cry for help on the low, they can only make vague hints or they will be seen as a loose cannon and they will be killed droned or tortured constant as clones until they have an aneurysm

The people there that want out are depending on me to inform because they can't.

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