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Lorde - Royals (US Version)

Donald Marshall (May 2014) - 1:23 - "My friends, in the "eye" we've cracked the code."  :)

listen to it though...  :) she sez "my friends in the eye we've cracked the code"

Hippie Lovegods - right… Friends IN the eye… tell me more ~~~

Donald Marshall - concerning the eye... we've cracked the code

Hippie Lovegods - yeeeess…rebellion from the in-side ?

Donald Marshall - no code really... you just know secret of vril now

I am the rebellion from the inside LOL!

Hippie Lovegods - so she's a friend then ?

Donald Marshall - no,... but she doesn't want to goto cloning.

Hippie Lovegods - buuuuttt isn't that part of the deal? fine print etc…. ?

Donald Marshall - whole thing is supposed to be about me and a trusted few going to the Vatican... lol

yep, souled out.... but they seem to think I can get them a refund.  :)

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