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Madonna - Live To Tell

[Madonna - Live To Tell]

Donald Marshall (Fri. May 31, 2013) - Friends please listen and read the lyrics of this song, I made this and many more for Madonna (Nicole Leone) as a kid mark 2 clone at the cloning center, while under the threat of torture if I was unsuccessful. It's about how I wanted to tell the world about cloning and vrill. 

What secret did people think she was singing about anyway lol Hope I live to tell the secret I have learned The truth is never hard to find you kept it hidden well? Ummm. Lol

Oh she evil lol. That's a big affirmative Supposed to be a host of vrill. Told me she was one when I was a kid. They told me a lot back then thinking if always remain memory suppressed so it didn't matter lol

I need mass media. Or an army of people that know about vrill and cloning.

Hosts don't breed well... Kids come out normal sometimes but usually autism Down's syndrome deformities and organ problems. Stuff like that.

They didn't Mk Ultra mind blow me to keep my brain un damaged so I'd be more productive with songs and ideas.

Antonio Rivera - Written by Madonna and Patrick Leonard

Donald Marshall - Sang by Donny the kid clone slave... No writing involved. They recorded it and wrote it down later. Then claimed the credit for it. Many have. Some in particular claimed many. David Foster. Neyo. Jessie J. Linda Perry. Are a few.

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