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Donald Marshall (September 2012) - She tortured clones of me as a child to come up with songs for her to sing... I made every song she ever did... 5 years old and Sean Penn brought her there... She was just a dancer in a new york strip club... Or maybe was 6 or 7 then... Don't remember.. 

Donald Marshall (November 2012) - I was forced to make the songs for these undead things my entire life. I was a lure they used to bring people there. Someone like Madonna would show a pretty friend video clips of me secretly and say we have this magic little boy cloned that makes stellar songs, he will make songs for you too, but we have to bring you secretly to the cloning center (or hospital) to have a tissue sample taken, so you can be cloned in, It's horrifying...I was an unwitting lure for greedy people to come to get droned by Vrill.. and religious fanatics to come meet new age jesus, to get droned by Vrill... and others. They fostered the notion I was the new age Jesus for this purpose. there are many drones and undead Asians and Nazi's Russians and others running around in the world... very many, They do this with a military like agenda.

Donald Marshall (July 2012?) - She is a major scum,... you would not understand the severity if I explained,... I couldnt find words to convey her mindset. She is so cold and evil...tortured me herself personally for songs, even as a child clone there, cant wait to meet her.

Travis Lessing (December 2014) - Take a look at what Madonna posted:

Donald Marshall - I know. Lol She wants me to die. She has a lot to lose. I named Madonna and made almost all her songs since age 5 she is way scummy and only looks out for herself. Get off the stage you old hag lol

Donald Marshall (Thur. March 21, 2013) - Lilith is supposedly some snake Goddess... evil, the singer Madonna (Nikki Leone) worships Lilith. Say's she's Cabala but I don't know that might be the same thing. I can't add the religious aspect to this yet,... the religious fanatics would attack me in text form. lol All in due time... cloning lizards n dead chip heads... and other implants. There are many different types of chips.

Gene Sauro Greco - Yes if one slo mo-s the half time of madonna during the superbowl half time show where she is dancing on the chair she is literally astrally "someone".

Donald Marshall - just a dance routine, theres no invisible astral travelling people. She's just a wierdo. Knows all about me, cloning and lizards. Sean Penn introduced her to the cloning center, she was just a stripper in a New York dance club, I made her songs from the beginning and all through her career, She has gotten others droned, she is what they call a body farmer, finding stupid pretty people to get droned by a lizard or get them chipped in the head.

chances are she is a drone/host herself.

Donald Marshall (September 2012) - People like David Foster said they made the songs for her... David claimed credit for many that I made... Neyo, Jessie J... people like that get permission from the cloners to say they made them.. In exchange they sell use of themselves as rem clones to be used as sex slaves... And also sometimes their children if they should have any in the future..

Donald Marshall (May 2015) - The M is not for mother or Madonna... The M is for Marshall... Check out the symbolic pics of the month here.

Phil Chuppa - From the link, looks like cloning.

Donald Marshall - Ya durr lol How about the lizard guy? Lol in the other pic? N the other stuff.

Donald Marshall (Fri. May 31, 2013) - Friends please listen and read the lyrics of this song, I made this and many more for Madonna (Nicole Leone) as a kid mark 2 clone at the cloning center, while under the threat of torture if I was unsuccessful. It's about how I wanted to tell the world about cloning and vrill. 

[Madonna - Live To Tell]

What secret did people think she was singing about anyway lol Hope I live to tell the secret I have learned The truth is never hard to find you kept it hidden well? Ummm. Lol

Oh she evil lol. That's a big affirmative Supposed to be a host of vrill. Told me she was one when I was a kid. They told me a lot back then thinking if always remain memory suppressed so it didn't matter lol

I need mass media. Or an army of people that know about vrill and cloning.

Hosts don't breed well... Kids come out normal sometimes but usually autism Down's syndrome deformities and organ problems. Stuff like that.

They didn't Mk Ultra mind blow me to keep my brain un damaged so I'd be more productive with songs and ideas.

Antonio Rivera - Written by Madonna and Patrick Leonard

Donald Marshall - Sang by Donny the kid clone slave... No writing involved. They recorded it and wrote it down later. Then claimed the credit for it. Many have. Some in particular claimed many. David Foster. Neyo. Jessie J. Linda Perry. Are a few.

Donald Marshall (2011?) - I told Nicole Leone (Madonna) that I was going to tell everyone what she used to do to me for songs throughout my life, She told me VERY specifically to say in my letter here "She is not afraid" no one will believe me and nothing will come of this. I beg you to help me prove her wrong.


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    1. (Live to Tell)

      I wrote this message underneath this song and it got removed, they keep the positive messages. :)

      She is singing about the person who wrote this song, or really the person made this song, to reveal the 'secret' at a later point. Ma(Marshall)donna(Donnie)?


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