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Donald Marshall (Sunday, July 8, 2012) - Manny Pachio (sp) came out of the concourse, everyone murmered in the crowd... like whoah, uh oh dons in trouble, anyway Pachio is memory suppressed and they just clone him to bang him and rich women like to bang em too, anyway he attacked me and pummelled me, I managed to side kick him in the guts but he got me down and started pummeling, I was even drugged a little bit, (why theyd have to drug me for him to win I don't know) but yeah he wouldnt stop and Elizabeth told him to stop but he wouldn't then he recieved an electric shock, he stopped. cont'd --->

he looked around and asked why he was shocked and elizabeth said you wouldnt stop, other people there that "like" me said go sit down Manny, he did, Tila tried saying something then and someone said shuddup bitch he dont want ya, and she quieted up whimpered a little bit that she lost the right to be center of attention, I was on my back in the center of the dirt all mangled face, they had turned my pain sensors off numb half way through the pummelling, and I was just laying there lokingat theceiling, mouth messed up couldnt talk... then Elizabeth said Ool roight Dun new bowday coming up and everything went black, then I was back again in clone #2 and was standing looking at elizabeth again, she said, what are you going to do Don? I said just what I've been doing mail everyone I can everyday. She said can you please stop mentioning celebs don its ova with the Olympics, I tried to askher what she meant, wouldnt tell me, I said Ill write Doc2 too and list everyone Ive met here everyone started stirring in the crowd and making comments, she said just wait don wait for the olympics, the boxer that pummelled me said your some tough man, tough... I said no I just cant get away... no toughness about it...your a loser shut up, lol and he did, then Elizabeth tried to ramble on other stuff, and someone said turn him the fuck off before he starts mentioning more people, and other celebs said yeah, leave em be, cont--->

anyway Tila said please donttalkabout me anymore Don... looking all sad I said I will dowhatever I want you cant deter me from anything, the boxer started saying something and a guy in the crowd yelled SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU STUPID SPICK! lol a rich cloner and he did shut up and looked at his feet while sitting in the stands... Elizabeth said your going to get us all kiled don. I saidIltelthe truthaboutthisplace and I

page freezing

and I am documenting this night and everytime you bringmehere, dont make me write doc2 cuz Iwill pig faced hag... someone said just dont talk till after theolympics, save doc2for after the olympics Don, you'll see it'll be ok your ok, the boxer guy said dont tell them I punch you plz, I said oh I will, its as good as done. He looked sad, and the rich cloner guy said just let him go,Don just for now dont mention no one till later, I said Ill do what I want, he looked as if tired and said ah just turn him off. Elizabeth started crying and Tila said I'm sorry Donny I'm sorry I love you, I said nothing thinking it would only delay my departure, Elizabeth then said ridiculously through tears, your going to be ok Dun, you'll see. then I was turned off... blackness for rest of night, woke up, typed to you.

I don't know what will happen at the olympics... I tried to find out... today my head and heart hurt and Im sickish feeling again, yesterday I thought I was on the mend but sick again... me just sat on my chest and smashed a longtime, face hamburger arms flailin to block, got hit too went numbish, so long that They TOLD him to stop, Pacman is dumber than the average clone.

Im not feeling well today but will still be messaging responding tothreads n stuff, I must live long enough to see them pay.

Jayson Ignacio - don your saying the Pacman as in Manny Pacquiao?

Donald Marshall - yes could have been someone impersonating him but I dont think so... these same people had boxer Arturo Gatti killed, his wife is a low level member of the illuminatti and Gatti cheated on her, she gave the go ahead to have him killed, and they did.

Jayson Ignacio - now i see Manny Pacquiao named his daughter Queen Elizabeth how did he got involve with this?

Donald Marshall - He was collected by elizabeth into the ranks...

she collects people and theyre forced to stay and be a low level member of the illuminatti or leave, if they choose leave they usually die by aneurysm or are shot or something,...

timeframe zero, I totally understand g buuut once you read everything, including Tilas testimony before aaand after the aneurysm its kinda self evident...

um ok, awaiting the great goat...

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