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Mao Tse Tung

Donald Marshall - may sound silly buuut, They Illuminut's say that prophet's talking about the war with Satan in the end of days prophecies were referring to Chairman Mao Tse Tung (pronounced Mao Say Tun) who is a dead consciousness recorded on microchip still running China from clones... met em many times, he's one of the meanest ones. Undead psycho. Was recorded to chip when they only had mark 1 clones and the tech was even more flawed then, they couldn't re record it in a better recording. But Chinese gov't really likes him I guess and let him do whatever he wants. Friend to Vrill.


yes... that bad and worse...

Oh Dawn now we gonna kewel you.Me no caya Mao you tohchuh me now I destwoy you. :) Whatcha gun do tohchuh me? Aw wedy do foo. I git to defeat Saytun in fino batto vuhsus good and evo. :) it like dat too it be sum cwazy shit I teyo you.

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  1. Maybe... just maybe... Mao Say Tun (satan) is being run by another entity. Could satan be remote controlling Mao? This is a real question.

    If I remember correctly, amon-ra (another undead alien) is running (or remote controlling) up to 5 different beings here on earth. And satan/marduk might be running him. Again, if I remember correctly. It is almost 5am and I have not been to sleep. says that marduk is satan. and satan is actually the draco reptilian king who is living in a newly constructed bunker in south africa near the coast and gives the coordinates and shows the google maps photos. VT has highest level secret space program sources.

    I wrote about 12k characters on link below.


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