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Marine Commander & Vril

Donald Marshall (Wed. March 27, 2013) - You guys don't understand. China n Russia and others control puppet leaders in the American government. They're messing up and setting it up for a fall intentionally. Many are chip headed controlled people or hosts of vrill. Taking orders from others to undermine and legally sabotage the US it's very bad. The army doesn't know. Some high ups are drones/hosts. Once you may have heard about a high ranking military officer going crazy and killing a bunch of soldiers and himself. They just for sport told this marine commander guy that was about to be promoted about parasites hosts being some generals and other high ups and they wanted to know if he was going to be ok with that he blasted them with his side arm pistol and then himself. They said they showed him a vrill type 1 he went out blasting. But he shoulda went to the Internet like me. He was probably in shock and acting rashly. I'm determined and will do this right

But I need all of your help to spread the truth because the sooner it's viral and world knows. The better. Just gotta maintain order.


  1. Us humans promise to stomp all Vril skulls in an orderly fashion.

  2. Donald!..You could make the ultimate tune/song to mesmerize the vril....."like the pied piper" and lead them to their doom!


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