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Mark Dice

Donald Marshall (Wed. March 13, 2013) - Mark Dice has blocked me from being able to post on his page, as I was going to make a post on his wall about how he is an Illuminati double agent and disinfo specialist... he attends the cloning center. I've spoken to him as clones there...

Shill,.. says what they tell him to and what they allow him to,... Mark has been attending the cloning center since he was a kid.

He is an Illuminati member.


Donald Marshall (Sat. May 30, 2015) - Mark Dice is on it now... Posting it. Funny thing is, Mark Dice attends the cloning center too and has watched much himself...

Rock Star Admits He’s Been to Snuff Parties Where People Are Murdered For Fun

I've spoken to Mark Dice as clones at the CC. He reads my wall. Many many do.


Donald Marshall (Sat. September 13, 2014) - Mark Dice making fun of himself. Mentions cloning activation and a cloning center. Posted yesterday.

Mark Dice DISINFO AGENT EXPOSED! Illuminati Employee and FAKE Truther SHILL Cointelpro 100% PROOF

Only way he would be permitted to mention cloning centers would be in the context of a joke.

Ana Cullen Družak - horrible 3 minutes listening to that shit 

Donald Marshall - Yep was kinda annoying. His narrative is funny though. His manner of speech.


Donald Marshall (Sat. September 13, 2014) - There is still time to redeem yourself Mark Dice. Don't get too over zealous. Proceed with caution. 

Phil Chuppa - come on man, just a little more, you can do this

Donald Marshall - Instant world hero.

And the novelty on the skank clone sex wears off very quickly. Especially when you realize they're a vrill parasite host or a bodysnatchers dead person by microchip in the brain. My sex drive is reduced and I'm sure Marks is as well.

Donald Marshall - He did it smart. He spoke in jest yet he spoke...Do you see how tentative it is? They are all hostages. They are all that afraid.


Donald Marshall (Sat. February 7, 2015) - Youre leaving A LOT unsaid about this topic Mark Dice...

Loves to talk about his bachelor degree and experience to the issues. Lol. He is an unwilling agent. But an agent nonetheless.


Donald Marshall (Sat. December 6, 2014) - Well done Mark Dice. (He makes reference to Amon Ra in this).

The Ordo Templi Orientis Secrets Revealed - Aleister Crowley's 'Book of the Law' is their Bible

Worth a listen. Hinty hinty


Ashley Stoner Morrison (March 2014) - Did ya see this lol! 

“YouTube did not even email me telling me my channel was shut down, and since I can't even log in to the channel, I currently can't dispute this. Only after trying to log in did a see the message reading the channel was removed for "Severe Terms of Service Violations," again, this coming just DAYS after YouTube launched new a program giving government agents "super flagging" authority to delete any account they want to if they think it's simply "inappropriate." Again, I do have a backup YouTube channel linked up in previous posts, so please subscribe to TheResistance. Thanks for your support and for having my back. We must push even HARDER now. Resistance 'til death!” - Mark Dice

Donald Marshall - lol ...translation : 'i can't be down with them, they deleted my youtube see?'


Donald Marshall (September 2014) - Mark Dice, turning up the heat on the real issues... Good.

Year 2050: Humans Will Be Completely NEW SPECIES, Merging With Machine, Say Scientists

It's done now. Mark knows this.

John Phillip - Honestly.. Fuck Mark Dice he could never be trusted again. Biggest shill there is..

Donald Marshall - Just one. Not the biggest though. :)

Looks like he's making a marginal effort now in the right direction. Mind you he IS at cloning. Knows about it all lied for years built a career on that. Turned a nice profit from deceit. He can still redeem himself though.

Hippie Lovegods - Donald ? when you say "It's done now. Mark knows this." you are referring to The methods, knowledge, and ability, used to create some number of a completely new human species vs. The current mass of 7 Billion people ?

Donald Marshall - Cloning vrill hosts, chipheads, and me. He knows about CC.


  1. I read on the proboards that Mark Dice is with Donald Marshall now.

  2. Go to his YouTube page and mention the cloning centers, Donald Marshall etc and he will hide your comments. I commented on many of his videos pertaining to Donald Marshall; completely hidden from anyones sight. I had my phone up and my computer; Saw my comment on my phone that no one could see and checked via computer; as if it never existed.

    1. Of course, it's because he's Illuminati. He must have words like Cloning Centers, Donald Marshall, etc. on his list of Blocked Words in the Community Settings of his YouTube channel. Same thing will happen, if you're on his list of Hidden Users.


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