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Mesut Ozil

Susan Hight (September 2015) - [Mesut Özil] Cloned Don?

Donald Marshall - Yes. Same guy.

Jessica Denise Tappan - Really unimportant question here, but does he happen to have a Ferrari? Just wondering

Donald Marshall - Yes

Mezut Ozil's Ferrari. Lol


Freedom Parade - What's more, Ferrari and Ozil aren't the same either, just a resemblance. But I imagine the Illuminati promote the idea nevertheless.

Donald Marshall - They said Ferrari guy is the same. He was at cloning once n talked to me about the benefits of living again after death.

Jessica Denise Tappan - What'd he say?

Donald Marshall - Said once I die I can live again. Be immortal. I said yeah as a stupid person with the flaws in cloning. Told him not to bother me. Never saw him since.

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