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Metric - Gimme Sympathy

Metric - Gimme Sympathy

Donald Marshall - Listen. I made. Listen to the words. 

Listen to this song I made years ago there... :) references all through it. and no I don't want sympathy just named it that. You gotta see the songs I popped onto my wall I explain the references I made in the songs at the time too 

You must watch the video official one for Metric -Gimme sympathy all of you listen to words THEN PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE END OF THE VIDEO I demanded they put this in the children’s souls freed Im crying right now watch and I designed the last sound on synthesizer it will make you cry it will it will make you cry too watch pop up video here someone official one fuk im breakin umma mess you must see this she hates vrill too she wants out too made a bunch of songs for her if they speak theyll have 5 clones of them made the pain sensors raised past the normal pain threshold and be eaten slowly over and over by multiple Vrill it is a flawless deterrent they’re safe now but still stuck there last time i was there most cried and looked scared said please stay until it’s over don please were scared when you’re not here bud I mean to free them they’re all captives Hostages some of them have family members there to ensure loyalty they never saw a way out before but now they do Ill free everyone but some will need to meet justice the ringleaders Leaders of countries kings and stuff theyd say its macabre

vrill will be stuffed n on display they will be disgraced and vilified remembered like Hitler they’re even worse some of em they do see all these

they pray for my success.

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