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Michael Jackson & His Family

Donald Marshall - people think michael jackson and vladamir putin are AGAINST the illuminati...  thats funny.

yeah, Michael Jackson and Vladamir are the goofiest perverts there I think. his kids still get victimized by him

Vince Marra - Was Michael Jackson really a pedo?

Donald Marshall - yes, one of the worst there...they had a hard time getting celebs to go to his funeral. they're down with vrill. Michael was a vrill host. went pedo when made a host. 

jacko wasn't murdered though... went to his death intentionally and willingly... still lives on in a new body and still attends cloning sitting in his Jacko body sometimes...just as retarded as he ever was

Vivian Bash Vladimirova - I remember people were talking that he was actually on his funeral and couple of the concerts in memory of his death. They had pictures saying he was dressed as a woman and all don't remember specifics.. What do you think Donald?

Donald Marshall - He WAS there... lol or so they say... they had a hard time finding celebs to go to his funeral... Mariah Carey did, others did... but no one wanted to... Jacko was one of the worst perverts there... victimized many people... They had to vaguely threaten people to go to his funeral... and even then few did.

Guy [Corey Feldman] knows about the whole thing... tells about a quarter and lies about the rest... praised Michael Jackson but was victimized at cloning by MJ his whole life since childhood... it a clone center attendee an Illuminati member and a bs controlled whistleblower.

Corey Feldman was MJ's ass slave... for many years...

and Michael Jackson is and was totally down with the Illuminati. he was a parasite host and one of the worse child molesters in the world. MJ was a host... and he isn't even dead, he went to the next body and lives in the middle east somewhere now. new body, different face.

Yeah McCauley is kinda whacked now... Michael Jackson bothered him a lot,... McCauley is a drug addict now and understandably so...he hopes for my success but says I'll probably end up dead though.

they [Michael Jackson & Tupac] attend regularly.

Jane Cellars - if they are clones, where are they? also, if someone has been droned, what happens to their soul?

Donald Marshall - Jackson supposedly lives in the Middle East somewhere, unknown about pac., and when someone is droned it's the same as dying, soul departs like anyone else's does when they die.

Avatar "A" A robotic copy of a human body remotely controlled by BCI (Brain consciousness interface) Organic fleshy robot.

Cindy Collins - Donald, was Michael Jackson a victim of this?

Donald Marshall - Originally but then loyal member.

Donald Marshall - hmmm. Well, she [Paris Jackson] attends the cloning center occasionally, knows marginally what is going on but MJ wasn't murdered, he wanted to die, he was full of early onset arthritis from taking the drug prophonol and laying around for days not moving, it messed him up, he just went to the next body. Maybe Paris can do what Tila Tequila couldn't.

He was totally down with them [Illuminati] and supposedly a host/drone

he was a major pedophile,... he payed off more families that no one knows about,... a lot of them,... it broke em.... and that prophenol he took all the time, you cant do anything while on it, just lay there and enjoy, he did it everyday, his muscled atrophied and he got early onset of arthritis, he died intentionally, and lives again in another body... as clones he was even worse...You see the illusion he portrayed on tv... that was a character... he was and is a monster.

Micheal Jackson was and is a monster (he still lives on chip in bodysnatchers body). At the cloning center he used to chase me around with sewing needles stabbing my little kid clone with them until I came up with a song for him. He and his relatives did much to me.

Micheal was a host of a vrill. He acted all gentle and nice. He wasn't. He was just weak. I friggin hate him his ugly mother and his whole family

Brenda Butler - and why would he bother telling us

Donald Marshall - He was bullshitting He was as down with them as one can get... He didn't EVER give any critical info He was just trying to look like a good guy. He was one of the worst.

He's not even dead,... he was a drone,... a super pedo, And they had a hard time getting celebs to goto his funeral,... he lives again as a dead consciousness in a stolen body somewhere in Bahrain I was told... he wanted to die and go to new body, was addicted to drugs bad, constantly high and full or arthritis, he had a painless death and bodysnatched someone to live again,... one of the scummiest people at the cloning center. he was always a scumbag. Nice for the cameras. he was a parasited host of Vrill.

Lebogang Seleleko - was MichaelJackson innocent?

Donald Marshall - Noooooo LMAO!!! um no...

He was drone... And a major pedophile,... Paid off many families, some of them publicized some not... And he used to have sex with the chimp bubbles... No joke. He wasn't murdered, he intentionally overdosed on this medication injectable he took all the time, he was hardcore addicted and without it the withdrawals were too bad, he was full of arthritis... They recorded his consciousness on a chip and he stole a body from someone else via headchip bodysnatch or chipped a clone mark 3 or 4 and now lives I was told in Saudi Arabia somewhere...They told me all about it during the fiasco... Talked to Micheal lots... And yes made some songs for em... Told me even when I was a kid he was a drone... And from his behavior I believe him... The other celebs didnt like him... They had a hard time finding celebs that would speak at his funeral. He was there at the cloning center the whole time... Before and after he died... Knew he was gonna die... Didnt care, just goin to next body.

Laurence Mountford - was there a reason why MJ made his kids wear masks? and just so we're clear, they droned micheal jackson when he was black, then the drone MJ when he was black, then the drone MJ went on to fuck up his face and skin and twatnot?

Donald Marshall - yes. wanted to look like that egyptian statue...he was mentally deranged.

Laurence Mountford - also.. oh the song... "all i wanna say is that they dont really care about us" is that about the illuminati about humans? or the Illuminati about drones...cause they set it up like MJ was a victim and was trying to help the world, so maybe he's talking about drones and ow no one really cares about them, if he was on

Donald Marshall - No, I made that song... they don't care about us = Illuminati don't care about me. MJ was no victim... he was and is a victimizer.

Laurence Mountford - yeah, thought thatd be beyond his intellect

Donald Marshall - he used to have sex with the chimp Bubbles...

lost all his money, privately paying off families out of court...only like 2 were publicly known of... he had to pay off like 20 families,... millions. For his dirty sleepovers... he even used to have sex with the chimpanzee bubbles...guy was and is a retarded monster..literally an undead alien, kept going with biological technology.

Annamaria Dienes - Was M.J . cloned back from Egypt time like the statue they show on the internet?

Donald Marshall - they say he was but I'm not certain of it. Was never proven to me.

Brenda Butler - why would he do that to his kids donald . and oh please take a look at the movie and let me know what you think of it ok

Donald Marshall - Because Michael was a host of Vrill, and they weren't his biological children. Their father is someone else, because when hosts breed the kids come out deformed sometimes, damaged gene pool. Don't ask who their father is, it's phase 4 info lol.

Brenda Butler - micheal talks about his father in this movie and oh by the way the actor who is playing micheal really does look like him older though...he talks about the illuminati and how they killed him..and oh donald just watch this movie for me ok...

Donald Marshall - I will... but listen to this... Micheal "revealed" who the father was (lied) just before he died... it's in print and on video and I KNOW you will find something funny about this... Micheal Jackson brought one of his bodyguards into a room for a talk one day... he said "Frank (or whatever the guys name was) I have to tell you something, My children were made from your seed. I just wanted you to know you are their originator but I am their father" The bodyguard replied " Wow Micheal, ok I understand"... People that read this KNEW something was wrong, because the bodyguard didn't know and hadn't had sex with the mother and he hadn't provided sperm samples to Micheal... Think about it for a second. The reason this lie was botched was because Micheal Jackson was a host and was some kind of stupid. Slowwwww. Usually the Illuminati review stuff like this and choose not to release it. But this they allowed to go public. Do YOU find something wrong with that conversation? Something just doesn't add up? 

google it up, listen for yourselves.

he was way pro illuminati... was a vrill host and one of the worst pedophiles in the world. MJ isn't even dead, he just went to next body, looks different now. He killed himself intentionally... he didnt talk much in his songs, vague, the pedophile thing was way true, he had to pay off like 20 other families, guy was a loser. He was a privileged illuminati member.

MJ was and is a rotten apple.

watch this video closely plz and listen to the words. Many hints in this... right down to reanimated clone michael jackson... LOL!!! getting blood to clone and more... watch watch. 

 Lady Gaga - G.U.Y. - An ARTPOP Film (G.U.Y.-Only Version)

Paris Jackson

Donald Marshall - she [Paris Jackson] know's all about it. It's not what you think, her [Paris Jackson] suicide attempt was a scratch on her wrist and not near enough pills. She lies about the cloning center, hinting. Lies about Michael Jackson, she knew he was a host and one of the scummiest guys on the planet, (still praised him, still does) lies about what she knows, has been very cruel to me as clones... she is bullshit.

Anette Bregi - What about Paris Jackson? I thought she was in this really expensive 'rehab' center. Of course, it's something else, isn't it? Mind-control? And Lauren Hill? Didn't she try to expose the whole thing? Please elaborate.

Donald Marshall - They're fakin... runnin a fake ass truther thing to get in the news... they're not talkin cloning are they? they both know allll about it. Paris Jackson and Lauren Hill and those types are NOT victims... they are disinfo scum that LIKE cloning and are running a scheme. They get benefits. 

She is a twisted woman... lies to everyone, is at cloning regularly and is no victim,... was also threatening me to make her songs to sing or she would torture me too...

This little shit is NOT scared... is NOT a victim... and shes like 20 years old and draws at the grade 3 level... she attends cloning all the time... likes hanging with the celebrities... told me to make her songs... make her a famous singer... I refused... she cant sing well anyway. She is in it to win it. Knows all about me the music cloning vrill and hosts,... knew her father was a parasite host... knows he was and is a voracious pedophile... she is a liar... and an opportunist... only one out of all 3 thats any good is Blanket.

Paris Jackson is no victim, she is a bs liar and is looking for benefits and fame, was just out at cloning a little while ago demanding I make songs for her to sing, and threatening to torture me if I talked about her activities there or her true motives.

[around August 19, 2013 Paris was one of the celebs that was clone torturing Don]

Paris was always bad... just faking being good. all 3 of those kids are hellish.

don't like er, beat me up a little while ago lol...I didn't want to mention for obvious reasons hahahaahah 

Katie Wright Whale - Song sorry i thought she was ok

Donald Marshall - I thought too, but she's terrorified extreme,... totally does as she's told. Doesn't think I'm going to be able to do anything. Wants to remain on the good side of them. She can't sing that good, n she can't do mucha nothin lol like the Kardashian's,... they don't DO anything,... sing dance nothing,... I dunno. she's seen vrill before, atleast one of the types, and she's understandably horrified, but like she shouldn't bug me at the clone zone, it's not MY fault she's stuck there at night n can't say it er shez in trouble...She "needs" to get on live tv n say goto Donald Marshall's facebook wall and read. That would save de werld right there. she'd be in mad danger 4 doin that tho.

Jay Davis - Oh yea, they've taken control of her soul

Donald Marshall - mine too basically,... they call soul's "consciousnesses" out there. they got a LOT of peoples souls hostage. Also they can kill you by messing with the clone remotely, so good deterrent from talking, an aneurysm.

Paris Jackson's been blabbing a lot, buncha unbelievable shit ill say but it sounds weird they all say they want me to save them from getting lynched, they say im new age savior and they want me to be king... literal king they wanted me to be a puppet, in politics but doing what they want... now they say i can just do what I wan 

Unsure if true, BUT "Prince" Michael Paris and Blanket are supposed to be my biological offspring Many celebs used me as a stud horse... clone sperm still works,... clone egg doesn't the 3 of them want to come live with me at the end of all this... a few others too...

She'd better not die, I will be very pissed. NO suicides, I got this. Special shoutout to Paris Jackson, who from the cloning center views my page, they all do there, like it's an interactive movie for movie stars. Lady Gaga say's it's like having front row tickets to the end of the world... but it's only the end for freaks and hosts. Listen Paris. Don't do nothing stupid, your going to miss all the fireworks, and our vengeance. if she dies, her death will be avenged in one way or another.

Gary Vago - who cares

Donald Marshall - I do. She is a victim. a privilidged victim, but still a victim.

Adair Dfwtf Sheppard - at 0:36 Paris says she helped make a dance with her cousin named "Don Trillius" can she possibly be talking about you? I remember reading in the forum about how you helped come up with dance routines for music vids 

 Paris Jackson FULL interview on Ellen show

Donald Marshall - don mega.

Blanket Jackson

Donald Marshall - HAHAHAHAHAAH!!!! Oh yeahhhhh....... - Blanket Jackson Pens Online Cartoon Series, 'Kill Them All,' Expert Calls It 'Deeply Disturbing' Michael Jackson's youngest child, Blanket, has created and written a macabre online cartoon series called Kill Them All, according to the London Daily Star, and it has at least one expert concerned...

Donald Marshall - Metallica...Kill em all. Blanket Jackson wants out of cloning and freedom from the bs.

only one out of all 3 [Michael Jackson’s kids] thats any good is Blanket.

LaToya & Janet Jackson

Donald Marshall - Layoya and Janet are old now and have nothing to lose, they attend too They're all "literal" ass sucking losers.

 Janet - Feedback

Watch this scummy slut's video. Donald Marshall Made this song,... but then she came back wanting me to help with the video as she had no ideas for it. At 2:02 it shows upside down what they did to clones of me a couple of times... cut me all over and suspend my body from the ceiling of the arena then a bunch of retarded people run around underneath, blood rain.
onald Marshall at 2:20 the guys in the helmets are doing a dance routine I had to think up... I hate dancing... but Janet Jackson had a remote shock thing, my clone was implanted with a shocking thing. Like a dog shock collar, but it was internal in my guts somewhere... if I said no I ain't dancing, shock... if I missed a step, shock... then when I refused they shocked my clone body to death... your hair catches on fire after your shocked too long. stinks... they have huge fans they set at each end of the arena during times like these to direct the stinking smoke outside. so since you don't want to burn again you just do the dumb ass dance so you can get out of there for one more night...Janet Jackson is in for a real bad day... whole scuzzy Jackoff family are.

Laurence Mountford - so its like a, like a, gimp fest, ending with janet worshipping giant sperms. good times

Donald Marshall - Janet used to walk around the cloning center with catwoman like claws on her fingertips, and would victimize memory repressed clones there, saying her name at cloning was black cat, if someone didn't show her the proper respect or spoke out of turn or said anything she didn't like Janet would rake claws down their face. Scratched me all up... scratched many. Janet and the other Jacksons do NOT want cloning exposed.

Question - Didn't LaToya try to speak out about the Illuminati?

Donald Marshall - Yeah but she was doing a Tila Tequila ...string her fans along thing... for more camera time. she knows al about cloning. she was allowed to say what she said,... if she had said cloning it woulda been an aneurysm for her

Joe Jackson

Question - i thought their dad abused them & sold their souls??

Donald Marshall - He introduced them to the cloning center yes,.. sold em out but they have benefits and werent tortured, just used for sex, sometimes theyd have to sing at the cloning center, they grew up and did the same thing to theyre kids,... its a cycle... just keeps going. they were memory suppressed when they were young about the place. Their dad wasnt. 


  1. I have a question for you Donnie , what is going on with the comedian katt Williams ??? Is he clone or they really after him ??

    1. Check out this link:

  2. I can see a resemblance of Blanket to a young Donald ... certainly more then the bodyguard ... hmmmm.
    I thought Matt F was supposed to be having a Dna test done?

  3. What about Michael's nephews 3T(Tito's sons)? Are they bad too? Where do they fall in all of this? Since TJ Jackson (Tito's youngest son) and grandmother Katherine are both the guardians of Michael's kids does that mean TJ allows this? Was he and his brothers taken to the cloning center by their father Tito and sexually abused and does that have anything to do with the death of their mother Delores (Dee Dee) Jackson?

  4. Man this stuff is deep bro.. truly made me think outside the box. Thanks for sharing this information


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