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Donald Marshall (Fri. March 29, 2013) - Get on it,... Badger and harrrass the government about human cloning and Vrill lizards and hosts and MY NAME!!! They want you to... they await the catalyst that will start the ball rolling... I will not be jailed or anything... don't worry about it...

they just don't want panic, and chaos.... they have a plan to proceed... get rid of vrill lizards and drones... they just don't want loss of order rioting looting,... public panic will ruin everything.

I am here to ensure they don't bullshit. You will not get a sugarcoated bs story from me,... just truth. Always... heavy times people heavy times...

trust that I dont want fame or money,... also trust I am not going along with some seedy plan of theirs... I refuse to go along with project Camelot,... you'll get the truth and only that... but people gotta act.

I'm one man. I'm just a rat people. take advantage of it.

it will even reduce racism... unite against the lizards and its human for human... black white peurto rican... least yer not a vrill or a host... leads to the golden age of man...

yes it is that time... and I'm forced to be that guy...

don't squander this chance... lol Britney Spears is praying that I'm successful... they all are...


Donald Marshall (March 2013) - Must spread info, then many people demanding answers can't be ignored, once 5 independant lie detectors are applied to me and relatives of mine all will be clear, the Canadian or U.S military eventually will have to perform a coup (military takeover) and interim government set to stand in while replacements are elected. Then people are going to have to be tested on a grand scale. To see if they're parasited hosts. The underground bases will have to be infiltrated and most destroyed, as they link to tunnels underneath where the Vrill lizards are.

Tom Berchenbriter - lets get it all mapped out

Donald Marshall - in the spreading info stage. It's only spreading.

the celebrities stuck there pretending to be friends with Elizabeth and Vladamir and them are hoping I'm successful sooner than later,... but they're not going to help because they're chicken shit little bitches lol.

Mary-Beth Hallen - They may be chicken shit but they are also sitting pretty.

Donald Marshall - true, they want out though, just at no risk to themselves.


Donald Marshall (Sun. April 14, 2013) - The government wants you to demand answers. Force their hand........ THEY WANT YOU TO !!

Michelle Ray - lmao...they WANT us to rise up so they can justify martial law...."they" are just aching for a reason

Donald Marshall - no they want letters emails people demanding answers consistantly to the point that they cannot ignore,... NOT throw rocks through the government buildings windows. you know what I mean.

cant institute martial law because they get thousands of letters wondering about cloning and lizards they cant ignore if it is consistent and numerous people....they want you dont understand. they need the excuse so lizards dont bite the shit out of them as clones for exposing themselves.


Donald Marshall (Tue. June 4, 2013) - They are literally trying to get the public to demand answers EN MASS TO SAVE THEM FROM THE SECRET OF VRILL (btw not yelling at you) but they can't say outright or they fear being killed or replaced or eaten by vrill clone by clone. They want to shut down. But they are using me... It's why my Facebook page hasn't been deleted

They just want assurances there won't be panic and catastrophe. See there is some law about trying to invite a panic with hoaxes and another similar law,... Some people mail the government aaand police trying to get me in trouble. They're surprised when I don't get arrested lol n believe me now lol They're gonna shut down. Don't stress too bad.

Should all work out smooth sailin from the sound of things. People ARE gonna flip out when they hear about it. Some old people gonna have heart attacks. People gonna have nightmares. But those lizards r gettin wiped.

Cloning outlawed. It's not good for nothin. Can't even use the organs for transplant. Rejection. Not viable at all  No use


Donald Marshall (October 2013) - i need people concentrating on cloning vrill and the implant chips... main probs,... stop them and chemtrails stop mk ultra stops gmo monsanto stops and rothchilds and everything ends... root of the problem. cut the head off the dragon... easiest way because there is no time.

purpose is... kill off drones and vrill, shut down microchips in people worldwide by destroying mindworks satellite and the back up satellites however many there are, and shut down the cloning centers and destroy all deep underground military bases...fixes all other problems... no more chemtrails or mk ultra or monarch, solves so many probs at the same time. as long as we get vrill n drones all will b fine... and replace some corrupt government . just gotta spread info to the four corners of the Earth,... public knowledge is only thing thats gonna stop Vrill n drones and the corrupt governments complicit with lizards. militaries must turn. most important info you'll ever read, beyond top secret... 33rd level of freemason knowledge, and highest level of scientology knowledge.


Donald Marshall (Fri. March 29, 2013) - Once the Illuminati is dismantled, chem-trails stop and GEOengineering is over, KEY to the entire thing is human cloning and the vril lizards and human hosts. Shutting down the Illuminati solves everything. The Straight human Illuminati WANT it to be found out . The human hosts of vril lizards and vril lizards themselves NOT want it to be found out. They are using me as the whistle-blower without getting themselves killed or tortured at the cloning center, because vril lizards are horrific looking and they will shred clones of you the straight humans there are cowards. Tila Tequila was the only one there besides me that took a chance and lived... others died. Tila isn't talking clones now for fear of her life and being tortured continually after death as a dead clone. They are waiting for the catalyst. 100 angry concerted ppl demanding answers on what this Donald Marshall guy is saying... it will be dealt with, but they want to make it look like they are being forced to act... so the lizards don't shred them at the cloning center. aaaalso they want to be immune to prosecution, they all want to claim extreme fear of lizards made them do whatever... act evil and so on.

I'm sick of it though,... telling people about human cloning sex slavery and alien bodysnatchers and they punished me as clones for divulging this info bad... I want it dealt with, I want it over now... I'm not a nut,... it's the straight truth I need the populace to deal with it now,... I'm not trying to get friggin famous or rich, the illuminati are using me do expose them... I have... now people gotta do something.

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