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Morgan Freeman

Donald Marshall (July 2012) - Yes,... Morgan Freeman is at the cloning center and knows all about me and the music and torture and stuff,... Morgan wants out too. They use Morgan Freeman for a narrative voice in some stuff, but theyre not his actual views, he wants out like 95% of others there.


Donald Marshall (August 2014) - Didn't this scumbag empregnate his granddaughter? Why would anyone listen to this incestious pedo? Must Watch: Morgan Freeman Shuts Down Race-Hustlers in Under 30 Seconds

Donald Marshall - Guy will bang anything that let's his ugly ass.


Laurence Mountford (Sun. August 16, 2015) - Wasnt this the daughter he was messing with? Stabbed at 33 as well she was... sigh. Morgan Freeman Pays Tribute to Step-Granddaughter Who Was Fatally Stabbed in NYC


Donald Marshall - Donny don't give a shit Morgan freeman should be put to death.

Laurence Mountford - instead the grand daughter was

Glory Day - i think he married a very young relative as well...sick paedo

Tee Davis - This was the relative he was married to.

Donald Marshall - He got her pregnant when she was young.



D-ro Slim (October 2013) - Watched this basically tries to say they will get there one day - pretty much what Donald talks a out

Can We Resurrect the Dead?

Donald Marshall - Yeah that's Morgan Freeman talking in this. He knows about the soul-chip thing and clones, I've talked to him as clones in the arena.

Kitufu Mutufu - Is Morgan freeman nice to you at CC?

D-ro Slim - Yeah he basically talked about chip heads they called the black box

Donald Marshall - didn't talk to him much, he said I was doomed.

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