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Kyle Scott - donald, are you capable of creating musical masterpieces when you are in your real body, or can you only do it in a clone body when being forced to?

Tracie Eden Mcenroe - but they used mk ultra to make it effortless. under threat of torture too..

Donald Marshall - Can make em as real body but as clones using Mk Ultra Cocaine and adrenaline injections make it much easier... if I did make a song it wouldn't make a difference in the world, and it would not add to my credibility, I've been asked by others to do that,... I hate making songs... the Illuminati told me to make a song like that,... to go on video singing pre-made songs even and to swing around a sword and or spear in a vid... I don't want to.


Donald Marshall (Mon. September 24, 2012) - David [Foster] claimed credit for many [songs] that I made... Neyo, Jessie J... people like that get permission from the cloners to say they made them.. In exchange they sell use of themselves as rem clones to be used as sex slaves... And also sometimes their children if they should have any in the future..


Donald Marshall (Fri. August 23, 2013) - didn't write, just sang it out,... no pencil n paper involved. only one I wrote down was "next go round" by Nickelback... about your second time through life as a dead clone.

Charles Bull - hope u never have to experience the next go round

Donald Marshall - I won't get a next go round,... I'll be re-animated in the zone and torn apart then reanimated and repeat and so on and so on BUT if cloning is abolished, then I won't be reanimated, no one will. 

Charles Bull - thats the plan

Donald Marshall - That's the plan.

Oriana Spratt - So that's why you always say you "make up" songs instead of write them. I think the two are the same...all songs come as ideas and then get written down eventually, doesn't have to be you. Damn, if you didn't exist there would be so much less pop these songs come to you with a band or singer in mind? Some bands have really distinct styles. Do tell.

Donald Marshall - They'd videotape it from the top of the bowl there almost always, as a kid the cameras were big now they're handheld small, sometimes designated songs for people, sometimes almost all album, sometimes random song that someone would want to use. A LOT of rich Jewish people's kids claiming to have wrote the songs.

Set for life with the royalties from the songs,... Whenever someone wants to use that song got a movie or something they then get payed mad money. For nothing.

Neyo, Jessie J and David Foster... Lol. Kesha and her Nazi parents also "supposedly" phenominall songwriters ,... They write hit songs for everyone supposedly... LOL! Neyo cant make songs now lol must be in his blue period. 


  1. B.O.B put a letter backward

  2. Don we thank you

  3. Don is Ozzy Osborn at the center? Did you write Crazy Train for him? Its sounds like something you'd do. Just wondering.

  4. Is tge Hey ya by Outkast satanic?


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