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Nadezhda Tolokonnikova

Donald Marshall (Thur. November 7, 2013) - WELL let's see... I open my eyes as a clone there a little while ago and I'm sitting in the stands, on the side of the arena... Vladamir Putin is sitting next to me and the seats are packed... I laughed because I couldn't believe the retard would sit so close to me, knowing I'll jam my thumbs throug his clones eyes... he puts on a snide face and says, "I have dat girl from "Poosie Riot". I said "HUH?! Whats that?" He said "you know, girl from Russian punk band" I said "I DON'T CARE YOU IDIOT!!! Do not bring me to this place you ass sucking loser!!!" He smiled, I was about to bite his face, and he starts talking about what he can do to her, trying to keep me occupied and still talking, I said "Throw her in the HOLE Vlad! I do not care, put her ina forced labor camp breaking rocks with a hammer, I don't care" He said " you helped her with songs in the past, you don't care what happen to her?" I said "no, no I don't give a shit, now fuck off you perverted child sucker" He said "you sure you don't care?" and LO AND BEHOLD guess who is there, the girl from the Pussy Riot band... and she's trying to insinuate that she is trapped there and is in trouble, crying... I remember this girl from the past, and she was no victim back then... she was actually very mean, the other bandmates too... so she walked over the long way, I was in an aisle seat, she could have come down those stairs, but instead wanted to carefully sidestep through the seats from the next stairway over... everyone shifting their legs as she passes... I've been in silimar situations before with these "victims" they play scared victim, then pull out a knife and stab you., she came over passed Vlad and I and sat on the steps next to me, I then had dirty russians on all sides of me, SO I stood up fast, grabbed her by her hair and lifted her from the ground bodily. I stepped down a few steps and pulled her over my head by the hair and whacked her into the stairs like someone would whap a fish on a wharf. then while still holding the hair whipped her up and launched her into the arena dirt... she landed on her back. I turned calmly and went back to my seat next to the devil Vladamir... he said "you is a eediot" then I made like I was going to it down and wrapped my arms around his head quick got a thumb in his clones eye and bit him on the cheek and shook like a wild dog... he stood up fast, I was swarmed from all sides. Got hit a few times... then Vlad said "oh just turn heem off" and all went black,... open my eyes again and I'm chained to a black 8x8 wooden cross on a small playform out in the arena. The Pussy Riot girl was there and crying asking why I'd done that, I said "to get you first retarded whore" she turned sour then, the face turned nasty looking like Now I can keel heem. She walked up with the knife, slashed my shoulder, then put the point against my face threateningly, Some people in the crowd without foreign accents protested, some woman said "I don't think you have the right to do anything to him whatsoever" Then the girl from the band, Tolokonikova [Nadezhda Tolokonnikova] or something looked panicky as if she is going to lose her chance to torture the victim... she said "but look what he done to me!!!" To which a guy in the crowd said "you had your pain sensors set to zero you little pig shut up, his are on full, you were just gonna show off until you stab em or something anyway" She cried and ran away, then Vladamir came out, picked the knife up and started carving my skin all over, then he looked over at the guy that had spoken in the crowd and said "you have a problem with ME doing diss?" Guy didn't reply, his whole family could end up aneurysmed if he talks against Russian "Corky" Then some Arabs came out,... looking just oh so enraged, like I'd killed their mother or something, and they didnt need a knife, they started tearing skin off gouging my eyes and pulling my guts out with their bare hands... dunno why, just something for the smelly retards to do I guess, otherwise all they have to say there is,... "Hallo I am Akbar,I am pervert and I kill people" They really have zero reason to speak to anyone there... they have no gimmick, the gimmick for them is their hatred of me... any excuse will do. Then when I was all bloody hanging off the cross guts hanging out, blue yellow n purple, Queen Elizabeth shuffled up and starts just scratching my face with her fingernails... they'd left me with a functioning eye so she could get it I guess... then she punctured it and I couldnt see anything, then there were various pains in different parts... then all was black, then I open my eyes off the cross in the dirt arena new clone body and I fell to the dirt as if I was in a seizure, pain pain pain memories of the previous death, then it was gone, and I stood up, I said you retards are the scuzziest perverted loser cowards in this world... and nearly everyone there broke out into insane laughter. Will continue update in comments list. --->

This is the girl from that shitty band,... her topless Church thing and time in prison is all one big advertisement for her goofy band and she is to become a manufactured Russian hero, She is a willing illuminati member who will do anyone there for promotion or publicity, zero virtue, this bitch is what some would call a piggish whore. (pardon my language) She does Vladamir and his pals whenever they want and has been promised a place in politics in the future as controlled opposition.