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Naomi Campbell

Killuminati Soldiers (June 2013) - Well known Model/Actress “Naomi wearing the Occultic “All Seeing Eye Of Horus” (Satan/Lucifer) Jewlery. She even goes to the extreme of flaunting whom she worships by having a “All Seeing Eye Of Horus” (Satan/Lucifer) house built on a Island in Turkey’s Gulf of Gokova.

Donald Marshall - Everyone says she is one of the meanest celebrities,... she was actually one of the few celebs that were ever nice to me. She is terrified of Vrill lizards and that is why her house is like that, that's why the jewelry, the more of a friend you are to the Vrill, the safer you are. Some terrified people go all out. ^^^^

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  1. I have wanted to comment on almost everything! And yet I'm still speechless ... in a freaked out fascinated way. This one is also a real 'eye opener'...


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