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Nazis at the Center of the Earth

Donald Marshall (Fri. July 12, 2013) - NAZI'S?!?! AAAAAAAAA!!!! *runs around in circles flailing arms around* AAAAAAAAA!!!!!! *runs around slower* um aaaaaaaaa! scary stuff... um... ok I'm calmed down now... hmmm someone gonna have to do something about this. 

They're not rotten zombies or nothing though... they run around in clones after death, or they steal a persons body using chip implant technology.

click on pic to enlarge and see the title of the pic.

Sebastian Bently 

Iron Sky Official Theatrical Trailer [HD]

Donald Marshall - Yep 

Hinty hinty HINTY HINT HINT!!! LOL! 

DianeHelen Church - Donald Marshall Have they completed the Zombie virus that they have been working on. I thought it had some issues and was not ready to be used, yet?

Donald Marshall - It's done, and they have multiple variations on it. Different countries have different virus's... all large countries have secret biological weapons projects.

Laurence Mountford - probably said they went to the moon because that seems in a way more unblelieveable, so nazis underground doesnt seem so crazy. theres a futurama episode in the recent series where exactly what the nazis said happened, they crash through some glacier and end up in some underground utopia type place under the ice with primitive man having survived down there

and Don, do they still wear those really old outfits, or are we modernized now, did they decide to "Chill out" 

Donald Marshall - Yeah they upgraded the uniforms.

Laurence Mountford - and they went there initially to find an atleantiean base or they went there and discovered one?

Donald Marshall - they went to Tibet first.... the vrill that the Vril-society kept hidden told Hitler there were Vril lizards in Tibet that knew where magic was... Nazi's love chasing magic, SO off they went to Tibet... took the "dragons" the Tibetan monks kept hidden as pets, and made them point out on a map where the magic was... brought them with them to Germany, then to where they pointed... Antarctica... went down down down and found the base. Abandoned Atlantean base.

They started building and never stopped. They have a lot of stuff down there... a lot.

the "dragons" were Vrill type-1's

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