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Nazis: The Fourth Reich

Donald Marshall (Sat. June 22, 2013) - The Nazi's of the fourth reich were not destroyed, when they were about to be annihilated they just retreated underground to their fall back positions. Under Antarctica at first, then to bases under other places. While the world was celebrating and continuing their lives after WW2, The remnants of the Nazi regime were very busy back engineering technology they'd found in subterranean abandoned Atlantean bases. They sided with Vrill to get access to the technology of the ancients and to ensure their own survival. But they got in over their heads. They are basically slaves themselves, not much leadership as Hitler is a dead chiphead now and is mentally "impaired" can't lead anything. They want to return to the surface and live like humans again, they want to drop the Nazi ideals,(Nazism is all about Vrill) Some are Christian some are Athiest, they don't want people to push religion on them. Living underground around Vrill messed them up somewhat, but they're not past the point of no return. They want to redeem themselves. They just want to live normal lives... none of the original Nazi's are alive (besides dead chipheads) There are empty cities in China and North Africa that have been built to house them, but they will need to be policed, and not by their own. They will live on the surface again but they will obey the law. They are traumatized from living down there with literal monsters, NO ONE ever get's used to the appearance of Vrills, humans get an instinctual fear of them, like arachnophobia (spider fear) but multiplied like spider snake scorpion... They will redeem themselves and they will be forgiven. Life will go on. They will be monitored to ensure there is no malicious intent. The technology they and others have back engineered and use will be made public and harmless tech will be made available for the benefit of all mankind. Some techs will be outlawed. No real humans must die, this is important. The people underground are afraid and feel abandoned, they are embarrassed of their Grandparents and great grandparents actions during WW2, They don't want to be Nazi's anymore, as simply put... Nazism is nerdy... there is more... when I was younger, you know how I said I was forced to help them with song's and ideas for tv, videogames and such, Years ago they made me make a fake speech for a videogame called "Killzone" It is a metaphor for the way they were feeling,... they miss the surface, they don't want to live like a troglodyte. This speech is what I came up with... What happens in this cinematic will NEVER happen... they don't want to kill people anymore... I debunked Nazism, (it wasn't difficult) I spent a LOT of time chatting to Nazi's at the cloning centers and bases over the years.(only the richest and most powerful ones, and their upper heirarchy) I changed them and showed them another way. Nazi's if they wanted to could mess up the surface of the Earth badly, but they don't want to. They want freedom. Nazism will NOT be included in the "freedom of religion" clause. BTW- yes I know there are triangles on the Illuminati made game, most are. P.S- dead chipheads agree to be deactivated. With them you just remotely deactivate the consciousness chip and they drop, no pain no nothing, just like turning off a light switch, however, Parasited hosts of Vrill actually need to be physically killed, They get the chop. I'll go into more detail about that soon.

Killzone - CGI Opening - Helghan Emperor Scolar Visari Speech - HD

BTW- I'm jewish and therefore obviously no Nazi lol. I only made this speech for them because if I didn't I would have got messed up as clones in some way. Did it to get deactivated for one more night, until the day I could hit the internet and do this...

There is much more underground than a bunch of lizards scurrying around in rough tunnels... there are cities down there... they have a lot of stuff down there... they are not going to kill anyone, they just want normal lives, without being persecuted for the crimes of their grandparents.

I made a song years ago for a band called "Hole" about how I always meant to go down there and bring the humans back to the surface.

[Hole - Use Once & Destroy]

listen plz 

Listen carefully.

"Use Once & Destroy"

It's the emptiness that follows you down
It's the ache inside when it all burns out
It's poisonous it muscles it aches
It's everything you had when it breaks

It's the emptiness that's all you have left
Too terrified of your frozen breath
It's a bitter mouth it's buttered and knived
It's the awful truth you fight for your life

It might as well it might as well hurt
It might as well it might as well

I went down to rescue you
I went all the way down
Fill your hungry wretched life
Here they come it's closing time

It's the bitter root it's twisted inside
It's the heart you used to have when it died
It's the emptiness it poisons it lies
It's everything that you'll never find

It might as well it might as well hurt
It might as well it might as well

I went down for the remains
Sort through all your blurs and stains
Take your rapture blister burns
Stand in line it's not your turn

All dressed in red, always the bride
Off with her head, all dressed in white
Off with her head

I went down to rescue you
I went all the way down
I went down for the remains
Sort through all your blurs and stains

Ooh, I will follow you
Anytime anywhere
Ooh, when they come for you
Just say you don't care

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