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Negative Plane

Donald Marshall - The UK beheading of the British soldier wasn't real either guys. :)

Donald Marshall - Or sandy hook. Or a couple of other things. It's a technology they have. :) They've called it many things. Singularity. The negative plane. The void. Allow me to explain in laymans terms Because I have been in this negative plane lol Only other dimensional thing they got and it's useless pretty much. I want you to watch the video of it again. :) This will sound fucked up but bear with me. The black guy was real... The others weren't... They were like the negative of a photograph. Now listen... It's a little like the inception movie...Those negatives that the black guy was interacting with... They HAVE to stay on course if whatever they are doing in real world or they attack. They will attack unless they can continue on their course...I've seen it. I've prevented people from continuing their courses there to see what happens and they flip out. In real life it affects them. To the best of my knowledge there is no defence against this. Watch when the woman with the pull cart walks past tge black guy He seems to fear her and move. It's because if he'd stayed in her path while not actually being there in real world she would have attacked him. Notice this. It's why they just walked by. It wasn't real plane They can still video it though. But that black guy was dizzy and sick I assure you. It's a side effect of being there. Laymans terms. For a slightly confusing tech they have.

Billy Sweeney - And yet she doesn't seem to fear him, even though he's stood there holding a big bloody knife, which I always found very odd. . . And the blood on the hands in this video is clearly just a red blurr super imposed over his hands, looks like cgi, and not even very good cgi to be honest.

Donald Marshall - Notice how he quickly moved out of her way? And seemed concerned for a second? It's because it was negative plane and she may have started smashing him with the pull cart like a zombie psycho if he had barred her natural path. It's weird.

Billy Sweeney - It certainly is difficult to try wrap my head around I must say. . .But were definitely in agreement that this event was not the way the media portrayed it to be

Donald Marshall - Yeah Hey That's laymans terms. It's why I don't mention it much. I dunno how that shit works. Lol

Billy Sweeney - I respect the honesty brother, just because you've been involved in very "conspiratorial" Matters, doesn't mean people should expect you to know everything about everything.

Donald Marshall - Yep That's the jist of how it works though. People need to know that.

Sean Gatchell - Anyone got a link to the video? I haven't seen it yet. I knew this shit was propaganda without even watching it, just the coverage was iffy.

Donald Marshall - YouTube uk beheading soldier.

Sean Gatchell - All of the videos show very little, just the news blurbs. Good way of knowing it was manufactured, though!

Astral Light - starts @ 1:04...


  1. Most of these vids are being taken down. Funny huh. Pussies

  2. AnonymousMay 31, 2016

    Negative Plane is something new to me. Is hard to understand but makes sense.

    When I looked at photo above first thing I noticed was the black line down the left side of body and right side. After I looked up other youtube videos I noticed that the black line kept moving on the video portion.

    I have seen reptilian overflow (when reptilian holograph was so strong it overflowed the body and was caught on tape. Usually purple or black). This was not overflow.

    The black lines look like part of the negative plane that is caught on tape. I guess. Not sure what else it could be.

    The Real Alex Rogan

  3. AnonymousJune 29, 2016

    Absolutely mind blowing truth thank you for risking your life to tell the public the truth

  4. i went back to look for black lined video I originally saw and can not find it...

    at 56:56 of this video you can see the black line on left of video.

    Alex Rogen

  5. I was told after this happened that I needed to look up the negative plane.

    And I was reminded that while I was walking in front of a wal mart that an old lady like the one in the video that freaked out did the same thing to me... it was meant for me to realize that I was being harassed and tormented.

    I now realize that many or most of my abusers are Dracos in human holographs (and many Vrils) and I am in the negative plane while it is done. Good thing it is on video and has been broadcast on CCTV which turns into evidence.


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