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[pic on the left]

Donald Marshall - This is a very young Nephelim. I will be adding info in several posts as some don't look through the comment threads to see adjoining information, so I will just go point to point. They are an evolved species of "rodent" I think they said rodentia gigantus. Anyway, the things get big, Big as the biggest horse. they are smarter than vrill but not as smart as humans. They have no parasitical biology to bodysnatch people, but they can also do it using consciousness microchips.

they get big as a horse...they're supposed to be good, theyre not, they're mean as fuk. they end up looking exactly like the things in the movie "The Dark Crystal. 4 toed. they may be trying to add human dna to the things to help them evolve smarter and less ugly. thats a model of one. but they look just like that.

Lee Ann Hand - How did they manage to hide from you all these years? Are they the ones controlling everybody there then?

Donald Marshall - they just stayed in a different section of the bases and watch the show on video... people ge freaked out when they and vrill are around. classified as rodents. Draco's are different. I told the Illuminasty I want them all dead, shot or whatever... unless they have a global killer tech underground as they say... in which case maybe just keep em confined way way down...n plug all deep holes in the Earth.

[pic in the center]

Donald Marshall - When Nephelim get old, they look like this and are ACCURATELY ACCURATELY depicted in the movie "The Dark Crystal". They wanted to be in it. They talk the same and have the same communal bellow... which they call the chord or the call. It is a built in natural biological defence to drive vrill lizards away underground when they would attack... it debilitates vrill with how sensitive their hearing is and how they depend on sonar. They have been down there a long long time. They try to fool people into thinking they are the good guys... the wise ones, the elders... but they are pretty mean... they look at humans as a threat and as vehicles to occupy because quality of life is better as a human than a giant rat possum thing living underground. They have technology. They are also called dragons by some.

Nephelim do eat human. They're omnivores,... eat anything.

Phil Chuppa - even each other?

Donald Marshall - yep sometimes. you know how hamsters sometimes eat the baby hamsters? Rodents are rodents. Full adult Nephelim... not lil ratlings or elderly ones are not defeatable by man. but there is not a man alive that can defeat them hand to hand. they've been mistaken for bigfoot, wendigo and werewolves. they are huge. and strong like an ogre... huge 4 fingered hands... 3 fingers 1 thumb... fist big as your chest.

Lee Ann Hand - In the movie Dark Crystal they are depicted as good and wise. So they want to deceive humans into thinking that they are nice hence that movie ti brainwash us?

Donald Marshall - yes

thats what the things look like with skin on.

Rob Dutze - Are they slow?

Donald Marshall - no. they run on all limbs. and cruise. old ones are kinda slow of course... but even they're still pretty fast. just less stamina. the rat possum things dont have flippers.  I've been talking to a couple of them... LOL!!! I think that and meeting a few other things is what caused my recent heart malfunction. so they've upped the rate of disclosure and aren't going to torture or terrify me anymore, because they say I almost died the other day. this was not my discovery... they told me where to find the article... Russian government knows all about em, many nations do. they have some kind of global killer tech that keeps everyone in check. Russians will make the studies public. it is a mammal genetically, rodentia gigantus or something... evolved rodents.

[pic on the right]

Donald Marshall - I've been 'instructed to show this information, as clones. the illuminasty told me where the info and pictures were. I searched they are there... This is a dead Nephelim ---> This creature was found by Russian soldiers on Sakhalin shoreline. Sakhalin area is situated near to Japan, it’s the most eastern part of Russia, almost 5000 miles to East from Moscow (Russia is huge). People don’t know who is it. According to the bones and teeth – it is not a fish. According to its skeleton – it’s not a crocodile or alligator. It has a skin with hair or fur. It has been said that it was taken by Russian special services for in-depth studies, and we are lucky that people who encountered it first made those photos before it was brought away.

[video of creature...voice can be heard at approx. 1:52:]

Unidentified Creature found in Russia

The things are under the impression that I'll introduce them as the nice ones... They are NOT nice...

it's like they just want to confirm more and more of what I say...I'd met the things and they said to tell about them,... I said oh hell no, theres enough with vrill hosts cloning and headchips... I don't need to overload peoples brains... AND I have no proof of their existance at all, people might think I'm going nuts... lol also they look just like the dark crystal things and I'd just referenced the movie. soooo they showed me the dead one... and where to find the article about the Russians discovering it. Russians may release their findings to the public soon. they know exactly what it is. they even have one speaking on audio recording for a short time... I'll try to find it... it's in Russian.

Ashiya Austin - do they have some kind of civilisation going?

Donald Marshall - yes

This is a report on the dead Nephelim. it's arms and legs have been torn off and dragged away by scavengers. Unknown creature was found by soldiers

they eat human... they dont have fins... this is whats left after scavengers ate some.

Antoine Wonton Alexander - oh i see...why these things so cowardly? if they want to be known why don't they just come out with it and quit acting like some bitches lol...for goodness sake they say all this shit about being superior but yet hide in the shadows, they could atleast give you some tangible items for crying out loud ....pussies

Donald Marshall - many reasons they fear getting wiped out. being the biggest one.

Celine O'carroll - Why is Illuminati concerned with protecting them Donald?

Donald Marshall - because the nephelim supposedly have a global killer technology underground, deep underground. a lot of that SCP report is BS... bout half... they don't tell the truth about the nephelim... add supernatural powers and regeneration and other things that aren't true...

the nephelim and dracos are very real. they killed clones of me, allowed me to examine them... lol they were embarrassed to be naked.

Brook Doyle - is that interesting or does it make your stomach turn?

Donald Marshall - both they showed me their physical traits everything they will let me win. its weird. OH AND LET'S NOT FORGET, I have also as clones have had to talk to the Draconians... and I must admit, that messed me up too... they like me more than the Nephelim... and Draconians and Nephelim hate each other. they have natural biological functions to counter each other... like they were evolved to always hate each other...and even as scary looking as nephelim are... especially adult ones, able bodied... Draconians are 10 times scarier looking. they have fought they were both always there.

Hippie Lovegods - several factions within Draconians too ?

Donald Marshall - Most want me to have the say...Unsure, I think Draconians are united. nephelim too.

This is what these evolved possum rat giant rodent species things (NEPHELIM) do... they all do this chord or call as they've called it... they look EXACTLY LIKE THIS and these are all old ones... the sound drove off vrill underground when they would attack... AND one of the things in this vid IS A REAL ONE!!! they do that from time to time... they think it's funny... anyway... please watch.

Mystic's Chord

and they do that call thing... it's a natural defence, it drives vrill away... they've been doing it a long time... it sounds exactly the same too... loud n bass...that disables vrill... the sound messes them up bad, has for thousands of years, Vrill have super sensitive hearing and rely on sonar... this hurts their heads badly and makes them sonar blind. the things look juuuuust like that. their eyes are designed for extreme low light levels, sun would blind them.  they are incredibly strong. Stronger than any vrill. like an ogre. the mystics in the movie are old and hunched over, they can stand semi upright on their hind legs...

they dont show their deadly looking teeth. like a killer whale. hook backwards slightly they didnt put that in the movie because they would look menacing... they wanted them to look like peaceful things. in the front where you would expect to see like rat incisor teeth... like a gerbil or something... no... 2 straight teeth spikes... 2 above and 2 on tip of the jaw. holes in the gums of it's mouth to allow it to totally close its mouth. and they can make the sound WAY LOUDER than that...they can mess you up with it at close range especially if a bunch do it at once... vibrates your brain and joints if your in range. they can also do a short LOUD chirp that can stun you for like 3 seconds before you realize your still standing in front of it. like it knocks you out for 2-3 seconds, but you dont fall... your stunned. from the soundwave vibration being so strong from something so big. I'm not going to lie... the things are mean as fuck...not as smart as humans... maybe stupid humans... but I dunno...years ago I didn't know it but they helped me make a song with their chord bs...That Russian report of testing on it is only half true... it doesn't have some of the powers that they say...they sound just like that... that was one talking in russian. they talk to me in english... one was just talking to me during my last rem stage...turns out, their name for me is Dovakin. I think theres a silent H in there somewhere... I don't remember.

Phil Chuppa - Dragonborn?

Donald Marshall - ya... :( even though theyre giant rodents, people in the past have mistaken them for dragons. they had a lot of input behind the scenes for the making of the game Skyrim. I helped make a lot of it...soundtrack too...

Carey Yost -

Tibetan monks throat-singing - Specialized form of chanting

Laurence Mountford - I wonder where the learnt that... fkin tibetan monks man...

Donald Marshall - yep, they've [Tibetan Monks] helped keep many underground species a secret for a long time. yeah, people have heart attacks from just looking at them sometimes... especially old people. then they speak english to you... and it makes it worse somehow... lol That is what they sound like. incredibly bad breath too. all the old ones sound like that... and talk slow. kinda freaked me out to hear it on recording.

Sean Gatchell - How does that kind of esoteric stuff end up in public like this? I used to read that site, the one that video came from, quite regularly. Imagine half of that stuff actually existing, fucking weird stuff.

Is that a way to communicate classified information over public channels? Reverse psychology?

Donald Marshall - yes

A few years ago i was at cloning and had been helping with a videogame called "Skyrim" I also had to help with the soundtrack... and this was the opening song for the game and had to be good... HOWEVER something strange happened while making it... I was going to use the mindvoice tech they have to do it easier... but a sound had to be included... they insisted... I was seated in the stands this time and not down in the dirt arena... they said listen.... and everyone looked scared... I didn't know why,... they looked like vrill were going to come out or something... the air was more tense than usual... ANYWAY all the sudden... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA then more then more... it was Nephelim in the concourse all around under the stands, where like the entrances to the hockey rooms are, washrooms canteen area right?... well people looked SCARED NOW! SO... I said ummm whatever made that sound is big and i never want to meet those things... they said I'd already met them as a chilD i said I dont care.... I'll make the song and leave... and i did... the Nephelim chord/call starts at 28 seconds. they re did it with human voices...

TES V Skyrim Main theme - OST soundtrack - DRAGONBORN [HD]

its about me and the situation pretty much, even to the point at the end when you decide to kill the elder dragon and all of them or let them live...that's what the Nephelim call me... Dovahkiin,...even just talking to me at cloning. means dragonborn to them...

Hippie Lovegods - you said the Draconians like you better and.... Dragons are associated with serpents and they call you that a bloodline reference ?

Donald Marshall - what do you think? LOL!!! because sitting next to aliens that could shred you on a whim and having conversations with them well honestly it messes you up. not many can talk to em....they wont talk to many because when people recoil in fear, or make them mad, they scratch them or bite them, and the scratch is deadly poison... one scratch from a draconian and goodnight . but I'm kinda used to their appearance now... and they say i'm their favorite human in the world... obviously since I'm not dead and all lol and um... they want to talk to me...because they think humans will definetely want to go underground and kill them ll...all I said yeahhh I think people will too...they ask me to speak up for them,... lie say theyre nice, when I'm on big tv... they'll set it up.... I refuse. they're mad. angry.

Hippie Lovegods - why is this conversation so important to them Now when they've been around soooo long?

Donald Marshall - theyre stalling for time. they believe in the prophecy stuff even more than humans do. said its me... its time... I win, they get known about n I lead the armies to kill the demons in hell...not in those exact words lol...buuut yeah... says he saves the world with the truth... and um... his initials are D.M and looks like me in some stuff yaya. hahahahah :D

Hippie Lovegods - so....who's the God or Gods in their prophesy ?

Donald Marshall - Now they all say its me. I dunno... theres a buncha stuff...they "play' nice... but it's just to decieve... they're deadly mean. talking to nephelim like every rem sleep stage or every second one..people could kill a small one like in the pic i showed you...and an able bodied man "could" break an older ones neck... bend it backwards, breaks easy.... BUUUT! there is no defeating a full grown adult nephelim.... and that depressed me.... lil bit. they stand right up...ogre like... and strongest thing I've seen...theyre afraid of eradication. they have a lot of hair... the old ones lose a lot of hair but not on their head tops... which is odd... u know...but adult ones... they have longish hair and its like puffy like teddy bear hamster fluff...makes em look even bigger...things can talk... they're smarter than lizards... shit is not good. but draconians are smarter than nephelim. draconians and nephelim dont like each other lol... theyve warred underground before.

Hippie Lovegods - is their physical environment going bad down there? air water ?

Donald Marshall someone in the past called it the dragon wars somewhere. nah their good.  fracking might mess them up if so lets frack the world LOL! anyway I don't like nephelim and I say blast em or make em go away,... way away... Draconians too, which i will tell you about in a bit. they expected me to lie and introduce them as nice.... They are NOT nice... i said tha I would... and then at the microphone i planned to tell the truth on tv and betray em but nooooo they used truth serum on my clone and asked me. and I told them my exact plan. then they crushed me...stomped me to death... me drugged, couldnt block... stomped to death... clone....Nephelim and other things have different gods, azazel lucifer and others.

Celine O’ carroll - Are they mainly just in Russia or can they be found all over ?

Donald Marshall - Russia China, and other places, but those 2 countries for sure. They talk slow and whisper like in the dark crystal movie, younger ones talk faster, they learn as they age, have language. Written too supposedly. Unknown about which techs they have, they and humans at cloning said they have a global killer tech like polar shift or solar flare, something... unknown where they got the tech, They will eat anything. Veggies meat... they do eat human. They wear clothes... like robes. younger ones are hairier... the old ones lose a lot of hair, but keep the hair on the top of the head. theres probs with rats n dracs. things are pissed then apologetic to me with tears. alien tears?!?!?! nephelim are trying to show off and compliment me...draconians are doing the same they hate each other...shits weirder than ever i said i hate em both and wheres the fuckin AK!?!? nephelim and draconians dont get the chance to talk there much... because...merely the sight of them takes years off peoples lives just looking at them as rem clones temporarily... they want me to choose a side... I said neither... I'm human pro human...they said I'm savior...

Laurence Mountford - fkin aliens man...

Donald Marshall - they said I'm their savior too?!?!?!?!?1 no laurence....theyre mad that I dont care about them they said they always thought since i was a kid that I'd find a way...there is no way they kill humans sometimes on impulse....they want to peacefully co-exist with humans...but they eat humans...they said they'd give that up but I just dont trust em. theyre acting nice theyre NOT NICE IT IS A DECEPTION AND ALWAYS WILL BE!!! I offered isolation and quarantine underground. they accepted but they want humans to give them STUFF REGULARLY!!1 and they have humans down there...whiCH i actually demand be released even if theyre permanently retarded or something by now...I will not leave them there...I can't plug the holes and leave humans down there...aliens got abreeding program down there... body farm... can't have that...for some unknown reason... I have some authority with them...I AM NOT DOWN WITH THEM...they will surrender they have to stay in the dark... sun blinds em. theyre all built for underground. theyd have to be seen and known about...on tv and like real tv no greenscreen stuff. examine some dead ones. people will know they are fake pluggin holes n never see them...people will question that and i'm not wanting to be gonna have to see some ugly things... theyre gonna talk... people are gonna have heart attacks all over the world. just to see the horrifying things on tv and be shown their bodily parasitical takeover...thats gonna make people some mad.........

baby very young nephelim swarmed me but hugged and kissed me all 20 small ones... crawling on me like puppies kissing me and patting me AND TALKING!!! tell you all about it...nephelim and draconians want me to like them they are fighting for my attention and insulting each other... trying to make me prefer one of them over the other...i am pro human. against suffering and cruelty... but these things are at the same rank as dogs and cats to me...just thiking of that last time there... with the things kissing and hugging me... i'm sweating ALL's so disturbing to see these things talk to you...youd think they couldnt talk... but then... we love you... why do you hate us Don? with nephelim and draconians around all the people in the stands are more scared and act crazier and more frantic... at meeee...friggin bit me... so I bit it... gouged an eye... killed a clone of me. Last time wasn't good... some hurts, but I am not going to be a part of a deception... which they want... :) a thing killed a clone of me after I bit it back...a big nephelim thing. it was mad. It said I was just a clone and it was real though and would have to heal from the bite, where I would just go to next body. I said I didn't want to get bit as clones or real and stop bothering me... lots of stuff happened. nephelim and draconians and something called elohims and other shit too... freaks me out to see new stuff...they're telling me about themselves, their culture and stuff. I'm like why are you telling me? lol They said cuz I'm Dovahkiin High Muktar and a bunch of stuff...hahahahah... :) but they want me to lie... :) and i refuse to. threatening me a lot... hurt me some... don't matter. Solid resolve,...

Nephelim and Draconians and tall whites are in the Nostradamus prophecy picture plates... craziness... and I know what it means... :)

Hippie Lovegods -

Donald Marshall - Nice find Hippie. Looks like a nephelim resting its head on a thing... that's how they relax, head supported on a thing like in the movie the dark crystal.

[video of creature...voice can be heard at approx. 1:52:]

Unidentified Creature found in Russia

I hate that sound... they did it at me at cloning... it doesnt do anything to you but it is creepy.

at 1:52,... you hear one speak russian and grumble and groan... That IS a nephelim talking...just talked to em as clones... the old ones sound like that...That's not an accurate or truthful description of them...that SCP made...I hate SCP They do NOT have special powers like that... they're very strong and can bellow at you and stun you, but thats about it. close range thuum...they call it the thuum. the long notes they do is the chord... but the short rahrs and different words are called thuum end in consonants and are so loud... a human couldnt yell that loud ever... the adults and elder ones are huge. big as a horse. a big horse. SCP lies about them though... they disinfo about a lot of things to make people disregard it as craziness. no fins hind legs and I thought both fore legs were torn off by scavengers. it was rotting in the water and on the beach for a while.

Phil Chuppa - did he mean fangs? cause thats hair I thought.

Donald Marshall - it is hair. they have big teeth. circular at the base, ending in slightly back curving spikes.

Phil Chuppa - jaw pressure must be massive.

Donald Marshall - yes. like a dragon would.

Nephelim (rodentus gigantus?) are known as dragons... nothing else is allowed to call itself dragons because of this... other things call themselves draconians or draco's or variants of draconian, lol alpha and other stuff...

name is taken like...OH! and another thing... coincides with mythology... Dragons don't tell their real in demonic occult lore... where you know the demons name and have power over them...this was cool...a bunch of ancient ones told me their names...I'm supposed to not be allowed to tell you...they're fuckin psycho about it. they live a long time and only tell other nephelim that they like their names... and then its a secret... like a gimmick or hobby like thing they do....but I learned the names of 2... and others but these 2 I shot with an AK-47 HAHAHA!!!!! a test I supposedly failed...ah well...but yeah...I shot a female nephelim that day and a male the females true name was Oosoo and the Male was Chalbeck. the nephelim had much input into the Skyrim game. from behind the scenes... some of the language is theirs...have to section them off... there are a lot of them. just have to plug the holes in the Earth. if they fuck around, eradication. but I want themon video and known about. I hate that noise phil...they got way bad breath too,... fills the room when they do it in numbers... terrible stink...they don't brush...fuckin dragon breath for real. but its not the smell... it's the sound. nothing breathes fire... some shit spits acid stomach acid concentrated but no...they can vibrate yer brain... with a loud shout at the fuckin game! >:( things fucked me up with that shit like 2 anna half weeks ago tell ya later but omfg...I fuckin hate them... where is my AK!?

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRBAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! oh holy F?uCK shut the fuck up. I quieted em up at cloning though...yaya imagine em surrounding you and blasting you with mega bass sound? like 5-6 feet away all focusing the soundwaves on ya? kills ya...they have other sounds they can make. very important to know this the chord is long and steady the fuckin things can make abrubt consonants and STUN you. shit they say AGRUKK!!! way loud right in front of you? it's so loud and bass-y stuns you for like 4-5 seconds. you stand there brain vibrated sometimes can knock you out... but you cant speak or move for 4-5 seconds LOL!!! they demonstrated on me. told me i could do it.... but it was a lie... japs call it the hara shout or heimei or something... humans cant do it like that. only to startle, which works too but not like these nephelim things...\they shout at you and it disables you...continious and it gives you brain swelling and you die. they fuck vrills up...yup bass the things have an inflatable bass tube like thing built in... in their necks parallels their throats... makes the sounds stronger. its full of gross stuff...I examined them closely. other things too.

Laura Coffey - So we are going to need special helmets and something to be able to deflect sound... wonder if there is something that could repel the sound waves... or change them... so they couldn't hurt us, but use them to Kill Bill Vrill...

Donald Marshall - to ensure the truth and to give an accurate report. no they have guns the shouting chord n shit is just a religuious thing to nephelim now.

Laura Coffey - Who do they worship? Why have religion?

Donald Marshall - me... :(

Phil Chuppa - like human made or special guns?

Donald Marshall - special. beams, no recoil. >:( fuck i sound like that idiot whit hat guy fuk!

Carrie Stevenson - Since when is a rodent a dragon? I thought dragons had scales???

Donald Marshall - they wear robes n hoods and with the elongated snout... n teeth, they look the part.

Kathy Juda Do - they look something like this. This is on a building in Rochester ny 

Donald Marshall - very similar


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  1. I remember a "dream" from when I was younger. Not sure how old. The dream is foggy but I remember being in an arena type setting, dirt on the ground, alot of commotion going on like a battle or bunch of people including mysely just running around doing weird things and then all of a sudden there being alot of violence and I started fighting and beating up alot of people or I think it was people but I was in a panic for some reason and I was just fighting my way through whoever or whatever I was fighting and I think I was killing people because there was blood and the scene was about half clear and then all of a sudden I couldnt move and I couldnt speak I was frozen, stunned. This creature on all fours comes slowly walking up towards me and it looked like it had a smile on but I remember it having teeth showing, long face n jaw almost resembled the Whale-Wolf Monster from those messed up B Horror Movies they made except being blue n black it was white/beige colored. I was starting to feel extreme terror and my heart was racing but I couldnt move and it just kept making its way towards me then once it got up to me it bit my arm. Then I wokeup. That dream haunted me for a while but I let it go. I believe I am a victim of cloning. Ive had many many weird unexplained dreams and this is one of the only ones I can remember clearly after reading through this entire article and also after seeing the pictures of the nephilim. If I remember absolutely clear it must of been a young one. Did not have alot of hair, was not too big but still made me feel extreme fear. I only remember feeling the pressure of the bite not any other feeling then the pressure.


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