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Neverending White Lights - The World Is Darker

Neverending White Lights - The World is Darker

Donald Marshall (Fri. June 14, 2013) - Listen and learn. I am the cure. Hellllp.

2:42 Vladamir and Elizabeth and Mao Zedong used to threaten me with having my only child droned by a vrill if I ever talked. In this Video they make many references and pop a half alien looking little girl at the 2:42 mark. If my daughter has been droned, in future their screams will become my hobby.

Frank T Daddio - You have a kid don?

Donald Marshall - A daughter. They cloned her too, she is still memory suppressed, They've been using her to threaten me and force me to comply. Vladamir's future is bleak.

Frank T Daddio - Damn bro. We will be victorious

Donald Marshall - Triumphant in victory.

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