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New York Flooded

Donald Marshall (October 2012) - they put a flooded new york on an american money bill... and they said its also in the prophecy that new york gets messed up bad....sometimes they MAKE the prophecy stuff happen... but a lot of the time it just happens.... I even believe in some of the stuff now and I'm the biggest skeptic...

Question - so you are saying they are complying with what's been it Nostradamus or the Bible, or both?

Donald Marshall - both and other:s... mayan and hopi indian and others follow it. sez could go good could go bad... theres different perspectives and perceptions about it,... they all try to speculate...polar shift will make a tidal wave. global killer. IF it happens. underground will still survive..they made em floodproof. some have theyre own air supply for decades. yeah they said if they do that a Bearded star (comet/asteroid) will smash earth n turn it into a dead donut. in prophecies too :( different ones even. I believe in a force guiding the universe :) and I think other aliens are out there in the vast expanse... but if they show up we blast them too just to be safe.


Donald Marshall (Mon. October 29, 2012) - THE ILLUMINATI/NWO are targeting New York with the H.A.A.R.P directed and strengthened storm to make New York flood, to go along with the nostradamus prophecies... in which it says at the end of days the city of New York will be flooded... they are trying to MAKE events from prophecies happen. Revelations, Nostradamus, Mayan and Hopi indian prophecies to name a few... stuff is going to get hairy all over the place,.. it is all staged.

READ my public wall, I am not selling anything, I am informing, it is imperative that you read about what I know about them, my ex family are members. Read all older posts and know what the Illuminuts do and what they plan. My gift to you.

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