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Donald Marshall (October 2012) - I have to tell you all about nibiru and project camelot... its like bluebeam,... will be faked and NASA will help... I didn't think they would go ahead with it... they had numerous projects, silly plans they never used..... it's a whacky plan and was thought up by a drone... Camelot plan... I'll tell you everything I know about it... they told me bs about it too but then told me the real idea... involves bluebeam and amassive deception...gonna take some writin though... Just if stuff starts flying from the sky? DO NOT go into the safety of a deep underground military base... you will become a slave, a drone, or dinner... assembly line style... wow I didnt think they'd do camelot...I'll tell everything i know about camelot... but its whacky sounding... and Tila already posted something about it a while back. . I gotta write a page er 2 on it... including nibiru stuff... they told me a different name for it... it coincides with project camelot aaand project bluebeam.. and our pal Steven even plays a role lol who knew lmao.


Donald Marshall (October 2012) - well they have 2 ways to pull bluebeam plan... one, by saying the smaller Vrill (bad reps lol) have saucers too and the Pleadians the "good" ones will war with them on a massive scale, some saucers will be real some will be a holographic like projection. The "pleadians RUN the smaller Vrill lizard types,... rule them... they are not confident project Bluebeam and Camelot will fool the public, and don't know if they'll go ahead with it. but it looks like theyre going ahead with Project 2012 and bluebeam and camelot are supposed to follow. Ok basically the flying saucers everyone hears about are man made, the "Pleadians" are gonna come down in one and say seek shelter in the dumbs or come with us to avoid the global weather anomolies. theyre not gonna take people off world they will take them to a dumb in siberia where they will be one by one systematically droned. they will win the bs saucer war and ask humans to come "off world" to visit their planet... and take them ship by ship to siberia and underground... assembly line bodysnatching...some stupid people will. the other part of project bluebeam is... involving the BS planet Nibiru... now I'm not sure if planet X is actually there or not NASA is totally down with these troglodytes out of fear and some there are drones too... drones are smarter than the original lizard thing... their intelligence increases but theyre still not as smart as the average human. they want to say that there are extremely long livesd aliens on nibiru planet, and theyre big as a football stadium... and for the past hundred years they have been piling nibiru rocks and soil to make a giant fin on the side of the planet to gouge Earths surface as it passes... dropping aliens on the surface as it passes, these will not be aliens they will be genespliced creations... to destroy the population... so Vrill can totally takeover... also the meteor shower will be fake... the falling stuff will be from massive ships and or satellites with missiles on board for the purpose... bluebeam projections will show you the planet getting closer and make it look like meteors are bombarding the planed... Pleadians will tell humans to either come with them off world (to Siberian D.U.M.B.) or seek shelter in a deep underground military base... where the same will happen. the world leaders that are not drones are held in fear because the Vrill and drones have cloned them with technology, not from a baby, fully formed duplicates, and they can make multiple bodies of you and torture one by one to death. 

In a nutshell these are the plans... the saucer Massive saucer will touch down at area 51... which is a deep underground military base itself... they have built a landing pad for the thing... you can see it on google earth. They will allow the public through to greet the "Pleadians" to share the light and love....


Donald Marshall (November 2012) - IT'S A MASSIVE DECEPTION!!! Asteroid 'Nibiru' On Collision Course With Earth, According To NASA Whistleblowers

they will rain stuff down from orbit and throw in a few missiles to simulate a debris field to have the population enter D.U.M.B's where they will be droned by Vrill lizards... or enslaved... Nasa heads are Illuminati members... all part of the stupid plan...

Qusetion - but is nibiru real as in a planet???

Donald Marshall - dont know for certain, was told yars ago its a fake. when it supposedly nears earth, look at it on telescope, then magnify, you wont be able to zoom in on it, itll be pixelated. Nibiru involves bluebeam... many different plans they had in the mix for bluebeam.

Theyre trying to fake the coming of Christ with this "Lord" Rayel guy... hes a freemason scum and is going to tell people to shelter in dumb's...

dont go down there...dont panic... s'all good it's not too late... have to have countries militaries rise up, turn around and depose the corrupt government... Canadian American. to put an end to the madness. its just the high ups runnin the bs... the average soldier knows nothing and just blindly follows orders. they just dont know yet. Once they know what the illuminati/NWO are doing they will throw the idiots out of office, wipe the drones from the surface then the Vrill must be rendered extinct underground.


Meghan Cousineau (Sun. July 7, 2013) - Starting from 17:00min mark, Putin related stuff


Donald Marshall - Nibiru is a lie. Larry King attended cloning regularly.

Meghan Cousineau - So what is all this for then, to get people to move away from coastlines, but nothing will happen? what is the underlying plan?

Donald Marshall - to blast the surface and have Russia and China save humanity. America will be degraded and divided up amongst the powers that be. Vladamir is a monster.

Meghan Cousinea - u to blast... what from space, with their man made spaceships? or some satellite armed with space technologies?

Donald Marshall - yes.

the "asteroid" that exploded over Russia did not hit land, it was detonated in air, smashed windows and caused damage yes,... this was done to cover any thought that the Russians are involved in this plot... so that when an asteroid hits the U.S, if ANYONE say's hmmm this is suspicious, Russia can say "hey we had nothing to do with it, we were hit too."

Meghan Cousineau

Dr. Steven Greer : The Russian Asteroid Hoax

Donald Marshall - Cool, people know...

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