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No "Nice" Vril

Donald Marshall (Mon. March 25, 2013) - It's saying all over the place in posts that different countries are talking about disclosing aliens or reptilians of some kind, Some guy is even saying theres Vrill lizards that suck brains out (which they do) But they are going to try to circumvent me, and disclose a bullshit story about them, saying these greys are "saving" us from the "bad reptiles" Greys ARE reptilian too, just evolved and have no scales, their biology is still reptilian... they are just another kind of Vrill... type 3. type 1 and 2 have scales and are small. 3's run them and are big... theres a few different varieties, they evolved different slightly in different regions underground,... basically the same though, look a little different in the face, ALL ugly as a baboons ass... You know what Vrill are and what they do now... there ain't no nice ones. Not even one.

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