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No-one likes Vril or Hosts

Donald Marshall (December 2012) - Yeah no humans besides people like Vladamir Putin actually like Vrill lizards or parasited human hosts,... A few people have tried to talk about them before and they were killed by remote controlled aneurysm or something. So they hint, and skirt the edge of disaster for themselves doing it... all hoping people will put the pieces together. Movies, music, all full of references. The Illuminati must be stopped and dismantled.


Donald Marshall (Fri. November 1, 2013) - no real humans actually like vrill and hosts... they pretend to... and the vrill and hosts KNOW they're faking it... but they play along as if they're genuine... it's so tense there...

Fredrik Beckman - so theyre well aware theyve painted themselves into the corner

Can Vrill read?

Donald Marshall - yes 

unknown if vrill can read.

Fredrik Beckman - or how smart are they

Donald Marshall - they have their own basic chicken scratch language of crude symbols... but they're basic. smartest animal on Earth next to humans... but still dumb.

Fredrik Beckman - I mean it seems theyre running the show almost

Donald Marshall - smarter than the smartest primates... Chimp and Bonobo monkey.

seems that way... they want me to ask the World if they can just be strictly confined underground, never to return... but I don't think humans will be able to sleep knowing there are literal deadly monsters beneath them... I say wipe em.

they're evil as fuck.

Fredrik Beckman - and would we need some kind of protective suit we fight and kill them? i mean their skin is poisoness to us?

Donald Marshall - a full environmental suit. 

Fredrik Beckman - when

Donald Marshall - the spit doesnt have to go internal with a bite... that kills you fast... seizes you up still and you die... it's one of the worst ways to die. BUT just getting the spit on your skin will absorb through and kill you just the same, just slightly slower.

Fredrik Beckman - wow ok so we have to keep them at distance while killing them?

Donald Marshall - the stuff is so bad, toxic, if they spit in your eyes, it hurts so bad, you automatically tear your eyes out,... and tearing your eyes out hurts less... and will only delay your death a short time. 

they die just like anything else. they won't be fighting... it'll be human hosts with military uniforms on fighting.

Fredrik Beckman - but if the illuminastys want to get free why are they doing their best to destroy the world with Chemtrails and fluroids and what not? why wont the original Vrill fight for themselves?

Donald Marshall - it's hosts and dead chipheads that don't want to cease to exist... and religious fanatics trying to make the prophecies happen. 

because vrill would die...

Fredrik Beckman - maybe à stupid question of me lol?

Donald Marshall - nope, good questions. 

vrill arent elite soldiers... they're animals, they have hollow bones like birds, and would lose... also they're cowardly to the extreme. It's part of the parasitical psychology...

Fredrik Beckman - so how long do you feel it Will take before the illuminastys muster up the courage to deal with theese freaks?

Donald Marshall - sooner than you think. they just want to enact the prophecy stuff first. I told them, people will know they were set ups and will be very angry, but they said they have to fulfill the prophecy. I don't know why.

Fredrik Beckman - nice hearing youre better aswell 

Donald Marshall - not much better... I'll live long enough to complete the mission. 

Fredrik Beckman - feels like theyre having à hard time letting go. I can understand that after thousands of years of clinging to power ower others. Sad to hear I hope you Will heal in some way!:) 

I guess we all the peoples exept theese illuminastys want you to heal and be rewarded for all you do for humanity 

Donald Marshall - my reward will be justice and vengeance. 

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