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Nuremburg Executions

Donald Marshall - government scientists. in the beginning they had organic robotiods, they were primitive Mark 1 clones... first kind... they look like a messed up you,... look different wierd in the face... some of the nazi bodies in the nuremberg case had theyre bodies switched out for organic robotiods to fake their deaths...the dead bodies that were shown of the leadership were almost all mark 1 clones... they faked theyre deaths. theyre still living now kind of,... very evil, as they died naturally before consciousnesses could be recorded on hips they live in mark 3 and 4 clones with a microchip in the brain with theyre really badly recorded mark 1 clone consciousness recorded, cant upgrade. Theyre very evil like that, worse than usual... also they put the chip into REAL peoples heads and bodysnatch them like that kinda like Vrill lizards do but with a chip...less side effects with a real persons body used and they dont need to replace a mark 3 or 4 clone... the clones degrade and need to be remade and chip reinstalled... but they look different each time slightly so they make 20 at a time and pick the most similar one. Some refuse to bodysnatch and just use clones. Russia started replacing people in us government. with China... still do. Russia China Britain and Germany. They still do...

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