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Oasis' Noel Gallagher Assaulted On Stage

Oasis' Noel Gallagher assaulted on stage in Toronto--2008-09-07

Donald Marshall - I made some oasis songs... the fools had the bravery to have me in a clone and wanted me to watch stage-side while they performed... I waited, and when the big guy next to me wasn't focused on me I bull charged and rammed Noel off of the stage... he cracked some ribs from it...they took me away messed me up bad and clone died... they called it a deranged fan attack...there's a video of it somewhere...i was drugged and uncoordinated too, i tried to turn to get the other guy too but they got me. they're both doomed.

Laura Coffey - Why did you do it?

Donald Marshall - they thought me being in the drugged clone with a guard wouldn't be dangerous... I'd made so many songs for them, they burned me with fire pokers and things to get me to sing songs, them personally...they wanted me to watch stageside... real life... so I stood there side stage until the guard was not as observant and I ran over knocked em off stage n tried to get the other one lol. he said he broke or cracked his ribs on a steel divider or someones shoulder he landed on but i don't think he was actually hurt. then they messed me up bad later. ask yourself how the "crazed fan" got rear side stage? :) I wanted to throw em both off the stage, i shoulda really football tackle plowed the first guy and went with him. crowd would have torn me apart though... lol the adoring fans.

Laura Coffey - So the media names this other guy Daniel Sullivan as the one who did it... Apparently after such a thing... its not like they could say that a clone did it..especially since they killed the clone so this guy took the fall and plead guilty.. but he looks way too old to have cared to have done such a thing...or to have been able to jump like you did... they are SO good at cover ups... ALSO If this guy HAD done it... he wouldn't be showing his face to the press... no way...

DANIEL SULLIVAN the OASIS ATTACKER with his lawyer. Toronto 4/20 +1

Laura Coffey - You made quite a bit of work for them... lol..

Noel and Liam Gallagher talk about stage attack

Kevin Craig - how did you get from the CC to the venue...?

Donald Marshall - I opened my eyes there. they explained to me that they wanted me to watch them perform on stage. If I did anything I'd get hurt bad.

Kevin Craig - how many "field trips" have you been on...?

Donald Marshall - hundred around more, since I was a kid. I'd been standing side stage just seething with rage... lol I hate those guys...

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  1. Hahahahaha thats awesome. LOL once your clone was restrained the little punk started to act all tough. What a bunch of faggots. Go Don!


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