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O.J. Simpson

Donald Marshall (June 2014) - O.J is there.

Jay Deutsch - So did oj do it or what?

Donald Marshall - yes and since I had good ideas... he asked me how to get away with it... I'll say in a nutshell... well... Guy was banging his wife that was wanting a divorce... O.J wanted her back... I was memory suppressed from knowing in real body then... I did stuff like that a few times... anyway... the whole thing was down to the glove... I told him after he killed em to drop a glove that was too small for him... he did...

Jay Deutsch - He asked you specifically how to get away with it? How old were u then and how would u know?

Donald Marshall - it was the basis of his defence... the lawyers and judge also attended cloning and they all got him off... he asked me at cloning how to make it look like it wasn't him...

Jay Deutsch - Hah, ya the infamous glove

Donald Marshall - I was around 20 ish I cant remember... I only got my memory back at around age 30.

Jay Deutsch - Interesting

Donald Marshall - I said I don't think he should be free... he has to pay... they put him in jail on some civil suit loophole. he's still there.

Jay Deutsch - No hes in jail for goin after someone in a vegas hotel Mighta pulled a gun He said the dude stole shit off him

Donald Marshall - he was gettin locked up one way or the other.


  1. "I told him after he killed em to drop a glove that was too small for him... he did..."

    WHO is em? Does he mean her??? Confusing.....

    1. Nicole and the lover she cheated with is the "em" I believe.


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