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Oliver Stone

Donald Marshall (August 2013) - This guy is the same as Joe Rogan,... Illuminati agent/puppet... his father Oliver is a monster... they attend cloning as much as they possibly can and do unspeakable things to people,... ENTERTAINMENT Oliver Stone’s Son Says 9/11 Was an ‘Inside Job,’ Hezbollah Aren’t Terrorists, Israel Is a ‘Crusader State’

Oliver Stone is one of the worst people there.

Philip Filonxo Lopes - What is he a director

Donald Marshall - makes movies. Oliver does. Unknown what his son's claim to fame is,... lol patriotic truther? LMAO!!!

James Prentice - There are a lot of evil geniuses in this world.

Donald Marshall - Oliver Stone is no Genius

he's tortured people as clones to interrogate ideas from them.

Oliver was very insulted that I said he looks as if he should be in an alleyway drinking liquor from a brown paper bag lol he just looks like a homeless person!!! He just does,... with the scraggly hair and ugly face n stuff...

Will KillVril - So is Oliver Stone more voyeur or willing participant? And how do we get him and his son to admit to being sadistic bastards when their consciousness in clones, when this all comes out?

Donald Marshall - Oliver is willing, Dunno when its coming out lol,... I might get my head chopped off in one of Vladamir's guillotines! LOL!!

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  1. Over the years I was told over and over again to watch his JFK movie he made. I still have not seen it. They inferred that Stone was right on the movie. I have no idea I have not seen it.

    If I watched every movie I was told to watch (like Yentil) I would do nothing else but watch movies 24/7/365.

    Alex Rogan


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