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Oprah Winfrey

Donald Marshall (September 2014) - Oprah is an ancient Egyptian like so many others...Clone... And has a mark 2 rem clone too. I used to have to fuck that thing. I cannot wait until Oprah Winfrey is dead. Victimized me terribly at the cloning center. Stomping Stedman too He knows too

Sherna Bharucha - We're watching them too. Check this out: 

Štëłłå Wñ - What's the deal with her and Steadman? Why won't she marry him yet they've been together for 28 years.

Donald Marshall - They got married somewhere... They were trying to build up a sensation. No one gave a shit. Rightly so. They're both demonic ancient Egyptians lol She is a primitive being from 5000 years ago in-evolved and stupid because if it. Simply put Know that all the ancient Egyptian shits are all dumbfucks. Everyone was dumb as that 5000 years ago. With exceptions.


Ashiya Austin (May 2014) - Pharrell Williams in interview with Oprah Winfrey says about Happy ( Hapy the Egyptian God of the Flood )" We put out the video on November 21st" he tells ( November 21st to 22nd is the time the Sun enters the sign of Sagittarius the archer where the Galactic Centre is placed, a centre that has also been associated by the Mesoamericans with a flood spewing crocodile-serpent) . Then he continues "all of a sudden BOOM" Oprah repeats "BOOM" and he continues" When I say Boom I mean BOOM and they both say it... then the singer so identified or inundated by his role as Hapy the Egyptian God of the Floods ( perhaps because his Father was called Pharoah) lets his face flood with tears and as he is crying Oprah says I"Its being used for something thats greater than yourself, I get that" Yes indeed it is folks - A LOT GREATER than most would suspect!

[Oprah Winfrey interviews Pharrell Williams - FULL VERSION]

Donald Marshall - Pharell knows all about it. As does Oprah. They both attend rem cloning frequently.


Donald Marshall (November 2013) - Elizabeth, Tila, a bunch of world leaders, religious leaders and rich perverts all talking to me one by one and sometimes attacking me at cloning, Asians there telling me I have to be with Tila Tequila in future,... Tila and some of her relatives there, Tila knows there is no possibility of us ever being together, but she will entertain the notion to continue drama at the cloning center... Elizabeth and many other of the scummiest people there are desperately trying to hold the place together to continue the madness. Even using me to make new highlight reel footage. It's quite the scene. Some rich oil guy from Russia that owns like 7 mega yachts is using me to gain attention there, blabbing on at me, punching me while I'm chained down restrained... the occasional celeb that is angry that I refuse to make them songs comes out of the crowd to just repeatedly smack my face, and the rest just watch... even Oprah Winfrey has been out to bitch... all the while, Elizabeth sitting down the end with a scowl and a smile at the same time, rubbing her hands together, and occasionally masterbating.... no one says anything, she is insane and nearly everyone there is afraid of her.

Stella WN - Don, why is Oprah attacking you?

Donald Marshall - History with her and Whoopi Goldberg... lol

lots to it... Oprah's an ancient Egyptian remake too, and it looks like they akll might get offed... shes pushing racism, she is frantic, bunch of the remade freaks are. lots of remade dead people running around.

Egyptians of a feather flock together.

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