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PacLives aka AMMO or A-Train (Alexander Louis Moon)

YouTuber PacLives aka AMMO or A-Train (Alexander Louis Moon) is pretending to be supportive and on our side by making videos about Donald Marshall's info (mostly using my site as the source). I believe he's doing this to promote himself (i.e. his music) and to discredit Donald Marshall simultaneously.

The first screenshot was taken from the comment section of "The Voice Crying in the Wilderness" video entitled, "Response to Donald Marshall's facebook post about me pt1" (which was uploaded on Mon. March 6, 2017).

The last two screenshots were taken from the comment section of "PacLives" video entitled, "Forgetting Donald Marshall" (which was uploaded on Tue. October 10, 2017). You can see the comments that he posted as well as the comments that he 'loved'.

He also uploaded a bullsh*t video (on Wed. October 4, 2017) entitled, "Can I tell you a secret?(Donald Marshall help with songs)" in which he claims that during a meditation session, Donald Marshall helped him make a song lol. Furthermore, he essentially promotes "astral projection" knowing full well that Donald Marshall has stated numerous times that there is no such thing. In essence, Don said that astral projection takes place at the Illuminati cloning centers with clones, MK Ultra and drugs. The "astral plane" IS the cloning centers.

Additionally, he uploaded another bullsh*t video (on Fri. December 8, 2017) entitled, "VRIL Parasite FOUND!?" in which it seems-like he's leading people to believe that the video is showing a real Vril lizard's proboscis.

One eye is noticeably different in this picture lol...

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